Song of the Week: Ransom feat. Stove God Cooks & Che Noir – “GoodTime”

I didn’t realize how much of a fan of Ransom I was until I was randomly tweeting out his lyrics. I also feel I was late to the game. That being said, you can now catch me going through projects that I missed for whatever reason. So now I’m discovering gems like “GoodTime” featuring Stove God Cook & Che Noir from last year’s project Crime Scenes by Ransom & Nicholas Craven. And of course, Ransom does his thing:

Got niggas rollin’ in deep, but nah, this ain’t Adele
Stay the course, plain as Braille
Faint of heart, sacred tales
I brought the Sig on stage like I was Dave Chappelle
And I aim it well

Ransom – “GoodTime”

This backed with great production by Nicholas Craven and a masterful sampling of Norman Feels’s “They Said It Couldn’t Be Done” makes this a standout on the album.

If you are looking for this song on streaming, good luck. There the song is now called “Collateral” and uses a totally different beat. Maybe it was an issue with clearing the sample?

Below you can check out the Song of the Week, the new version of the song, and even dope remix by BEEZY.