Song of the Week: Action Bronson – “The Chairman’s Intent”

It’s been a long while since anything has been said about professional wrestling on nappyafro. That’s not to say that I don’t watch it anymore; I still watch around 10 hours a week and I’m still part of the FRO Horsemen. That being said, like most addicted to pro wrestling like myself, I was excited to see Hook, son of ECW legend Taz, make his long-awaited in-ring debut on this past Friday’s AEW Rampage:

Now I’m not going to go in-depth on why Hook’s debut was great (It might be the best AEW debut since CM Punk), why Human Suplex Machine’s kid has so much love on the internet streets, or even how we all got to this point (That and more is covered here and here). But I will point out how dope that Action Bronson‘s “The Chairman’s Intent” was used as the wrestler’s theme music. Hook has been sent.