A Quick Breakdown of the 2022 XXL Freshman Class

XXL just dropped their new Freshman Class for 2022. It is usually around this time when I discuss if a list like this is needed anymore, but instead, I’ll show my age and get right into taking a look at all the rappers on the annual list:

Nardo Wick: I only know Nardo Wick from his hit song “Who Want Smoke??” and that’s about it. Good song though.

Doechii: The first of three female rappers that made the Freshmen list this year and while I’m not that familiar with Doechii, I don know that she is signed to TDE and recently performed on the Jimmy Fallon show. That’s about it.

SoFaygo: Nah.

Babyface Ray: Babyface Ray is one of those rappers you see featured but never really remember his part in the song.

Kali: She has that TikTok song “MMM MMM.” I don’t know much else.

KayCyy: Nah.

Cochise: Like from Cooley High? Huh? (Apparently also big on TikTok)

Big30: I know Big30 from doing songs with Pooh Shiesty. That’s it.

KenTheMan: I remember seeing a Rolling Stone write-up about KenTheMan. I didn’t really read it but I get City Girl/Megan Thee Stallion vibes for some reason. I may be wrong.

Big Scarr: I know that he is signed to Gucci Mane’s 1017 Records (He also has songs with Pooh Shiesty). That’s about it.

Saucy Santana: I probably know Saucy Santana mostly from social media and from appearing in music videos by the City Girls. But I also know he put out a few viral songs like “Material Girl” and “Walk.” Probably the new big gay rapper.

BabyTron: The only white rapper on this list and he got voted in by fans. The last white rapper to make one of these lists is Jack Harlow from 2020. Is BabyTron from Detroit? If not I really don’t know him.

Looking at my knowledge of this year’s XXL Freshman Class, maybe it’s time I get a young kid to come in a valuate this list instead of an old head like myself. Wait. Do kids still read websites? I have no idea. Let me know what you think of this year’s list.