A Quick Breakdown of the 2023 XXL Freshman Class

XXL just dropped their new Freshman Class for 2023. While I will continue to question if this list is relevant in today’s time, this is also an annual event that shows just how old and out of touch I am with recognizing these rappers. Let’s go:

Finesse2tymes: I know who Finesse2tymes is and this is because the song “Back End” (aka “It’s cool when they do it…”). I also recently saw that Finesse2tymes has 3 girlfriends. Good for him.

Lola Brooke: Okay. I know who Lola Brooke is too. She has that song “Don’t Play With It.”
I also know she has another song that used that Black Sheep beat too. That’s about it.

Rob49: I know Rob49 has a song with Lil Baby. A lot of people like it but it sounds like a lot of other songs.

Fridayy: Fridayy is a singer and was on that DJ Khaled song “God Did” featuring Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, & Rick Ross. I also see his name pop up on features recently.

GloRilla: GloRilla is easily the biggest name on this list and it feels like she is past this stage.

2Rare: I don’t know 2Rare. But is it heavy white chalk hairline a thing in Philly? I thought was as a community was past this.

SleazyWorld Go: I don’t know SleazyWorld Go. Cool name though.

Central Cee: Central Cee is a British rapper. I don’t know him either.

Real Boston Richey: I know Real Boston Richey for the wrong reasons as he was recently accused of snitching. Did he beat those allegations? I guess so.

Luh Tyler: I thought this was Lul Tim at first (The guy that shot and killed King Von). I don’t know Luh Tyler though.

TiaCorine: TiaCorine might be favorite person in the year’s class just off the song “Freaky T” alone. The only downside is that I assumed she always dressed like she was from the movie B.A.P.S. Damn.

DC The Don: DC The Don is 10th Spot Winner and was voted in by fans. I don’t know him either.