City Girls feat. Usher – “Good Love” [Video]

City Girls drop their new track featuring Usher titled “Good Love. The music video takes place at Atlanta’s legendary Cascade Skating roller rink, and this all makes sense. For one, the song heavily samples Lathun’s “Freak It” which was an ATL banger back in the late ’90s (The track was featured on So So Def Bass All-Stars: Vol. 2 so there’s that too). It also feels like I see Usher roller skating on social media all time these days. Besides all that, I like the look of this DAP-directed video a lot (JT & Yung Miami look good as well).

As for the actual song, I’ll give it a pass. The chorus is probably the best thing but I’m sure the hot girls will still sing along with the lyrics (“Showin’ my coochie print/Crop top, no bra, bitch”) while also making everybody go back to the roller rinks this summer. Lastly, is it me, or are all female rappers basically remixing songs these days?