BRS Kash feat. DaBaby & City Girls – “Throat Baby (Remix)” [Video]

At the end of the day, “Throat Baby” is a love song. Yeah, it’s about trying to get a woman to “swallow your kids” but way back in 2020, the world needed all the love it could get. Plus what other way could a “sexy lil’ bitch” or “sexy lil’ ho” to show that she really loves you? Exactly.

Today BRS Kash unleashes (?) the music video to the remix of “Throat Baby” featuring DaBaby, Yung Miami, and JT. And the results? Hilarious.

DaBaby and BSB Kash riding in a jet that flies into the mouth of a giant woman that happens to be a statue head on Mount Rushmore? BSB as a diver that jumps into the mouth of a giant woman whose head is in a pool and he raps while falling down her throat? BSB as a doctor that performs a sonogram on TEANNA TRUMP‘s throat? A throat that has a baby in it? Yes, yes, yes, and yes. And all this happen before the City Girls’ verses (Who both look good here) and the whole video setting turns into a game show. I approve of all of this.

Even if you think the “Throat Baby” song is trash, the music video is worth a look for the lack of subtleness. It’s the best music video for a song about deep throating you will see today. Off BRS Kash’s project Kash Only.