Flo Milli – “No Face” [Video]

“You do what you can and I do what I want.” – Tamia Carter, “Ice Baby” (2022)

On some Flo Milli shit, the Mobile, Alabama rapper has released her sequel to Ho, Why Is You Here, the 172nd greatest Hip-Hop album according to Rolling Stone, early. You Still Here, Ho? bears the 22-year-old’s influences front and center. Various skits were produced to preview her new music, parodying classic reality show moments from Love & Hip-Hop, America’s Next Top Model, and Flavor of Love. The 2021 XXL Freshman was even able to enlist Deelishis for an appearance in her recreation of the season 2 finale of Flavor of Love. While Tiffany “New York Pollard provides the intro and outro of the debut album.

Along with the album, she releases the Nayip-directed visual for “No Case” to show us her and her friends terrorizing innocent sugar daddies by making them take their dentures out first before licking the sugar bowl. The streets of Alabama will never be safe again. Enjoy!