Song of the Week: Mick Jenkins – “What Am I To Do”

This is a random one. I initially was going to make Chris Rock’s “Champagne” Song of the Week to commemorate his new Netflix special, Selective Outrage. But then I realized I didn’t actually have much to say about it other than it was “okay” (Shout out to my boy Verbose. Welcome back from the dead).

So let’s go with… looks through iTunes Music app… “What Am I To Do” by Mick Jenkins.

The funny thing is that even though “What Am I To Do” came out in 2018, I probably didn’t actually hear the full song until last year. But the first time I heard the beat was when it was used in a nappyafro Instagram Story (I’ll try to link it here), but I assumed it was some random Kaytranada-sounding instrumental. And come to find out, “What Am I To Do” is actually produced by Kaytranada; I just didn’t have any idea it was from a Mick Jenkins song. That was probably a weak story, but the song is still good. Check out the Song of the Week below.