Doja Cat – “Attention” [Video]

Back in April, Doja Cat tweeted that she was focusing on her rapping and no longer excited by pop music. She basically stated, “no more pop.” Today, we may have the opportunity to experience Doja’s new sound as she releases a new song and music video titled “Attention.” To be honest, the hook still has a poppy vibe, but the track incorporates more rapping. Either way, I kinda like it.

The visuals feature the singer/rapper driving and walking past fans and NPCs on the street. Although the headlights may or may not be displayed, I won’t dwell on that (the artwork is also worth a look). “Attention” serves as the lead single for Doja Cat’s upcoming album. The track is produced by Y2K & Rogét Chahayed, and the music video is directed by Tanu Muino.