Song of the Week: Kanye West feat. Pusha T – “Blood of The Lamb”

Yesterday, the internet got a treat as we saw a version of Kanye West and Dr. Dre’s Jesus Is King II leak. Was this the finished version? Who knows? But I may or may not have listened to it, and I have a few thoughts, specifically about a song from the leaked project, “Blood of The Lamb.” It feels like I’ve had a version of this song on my computer for about a year, and I’m just happy to hear a (more) finished version. Here are some more thoughts:

R.I.P. Donda, but that’s a long intro with her reciting “Sound Of Da Police” (almost a minute and a half). It’s even longer than when Kanye sampled her on the actual song “Donda.”

I’m also happy to get a verse from Pusha T added to “Blood of The Lamb.” It’s a dope verse, but wouldn’t No Malice fit a little better?

Speaking of featured verses, was Consequence supposed to be on this? It feels like there is an adlib by him towards the end of Yeezy’s verse.

I can’t really mention “Blood of The Lamb” without mentioning Westside Gunn’s “Versace,” which also samples The Clark Sisters’ “They Were Overcome (By the Word)” in a similar way. Both are dope songs, but “Blood of The Lamb” uses it better in my opinion (Shout out to Statik Selektah, who also sampled the song back in 2018 with Paul Wall).

Besides this and Jay-Z’s “Family Feud,” I’m really hoping The Clark Sisters own their masters (probably not, though).

Back to Jesus Is King II. The album sounds basically finished, and it still hasn’t come out. Then again, with Kanye West and Dr. Dre both behind this, both artists who are notorious for shelving entire albums, it’s really no surprise.

We usually don’t write about leaks, and there is no telling how long the YouTube video below will be available, but check out the Song of the Week, Kanye’s “Blood of The Lamb” featuring Pusha T.