Notable Tracks: Little Brother, Jozzy, & Baby Keem

I sometimes write this other column called Album Backlog, where I try to whittle down my ever-growing backlog list of albums from this year that I have yet to listen to (but, of course, want to). Over the past month, that list shrank from around 30 to 8. I’m very proud of that. I’m mentioning all that to say that I am currently listening to and catching up on a lot of music, and that seems to be the theme of this Notable Tracks post. These are songs that I probably should have made posts about, but for some reason, probably me being lazy and having too many kids, I didn’t. So here they are. Let’s get into it.

Little Brother – “Glory Glory”

Little Brother surprisingly released two tracks almost a month ago, and my dumb ass didn’t post anything about it. Thankfully, both tracks, “Wish Me Well” and “Glory Glory,” sound as fresh as ever.

Let me focus on “Glory Glory” for a second because it lets me keep my theory that Drake stole his sing/rap style from Phonte (I’m not gonna explain it, but if you know, you know…). “Glory Glory” is produced by Conductor Williams. Guess who else has a new song produced by Conductor Williams? Drake!!! I’m joking, of course. But am I?! (Insert image of Charlie Day looking at his conspiracy board)

Jozzy – “Alone”

Speaking of being late as hell, my next pick is Jozzy’s “Alone.” I first heard this song about seven months ago, and I kinda liked it but didn’t love it. But then I saw the visuals with Diddy “dancing all in the video”, and this whole thing, the song and the music video, feels like some prime 90s Bad Boy R&B. And that’s a great thing. This could be a precursor to people saying that Diddy dropped the best R&B album of 2023 with The Love Album: Off The Grid. (I haven’t given it a good listen yet, so I can’t confirm or deny.)

Kendrick Lamar feat. Baby Keem – “Savior (Interlude)”

I listened to Kendrick Lamar’s Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers a lot when it was reviewed for the site last year (Go check that out if you missed it), so I heard “Savior (Interlude),” which is basically a Baby Keem song. But the song randomly came on the other day, and I totally forgot how Keem was floating on this song. Which leads me to the next thought, “Am I becoming a Baby Keem fan? A rapper who I assumed Kendrick secretly wrote for because they were cousins?” I don’t know if that is true, and at this point, I don’t care. I’m gonna add “Savior (Interlude)” to the other Keem songs I like: “Highway 95,” “Moshpit,” most songs he has with K.Dot, and the songs he did with and carried Kanye on.