Alt-Day Sunday: André 3000 – “Ants To You, Gods To Who?”

André 3000 found a studio on his many walks with his flute. New Blue Sun was announced on Tuesday, November 14th. In an interview with NPR’s Rodney Rodney Carmichael , Andre Benjamin let it be known that we ain’t getting 3 Stacks. This album is all instrumental, no words like the classic Pootie Tang song. 3K, his co-pilot, Carlos Nino, along with several musicians and woodwinds create a project that lasts nearly 90 minutes for easy listening.

I had a weekend where I didn’t get a chance to experience the album. As soon as I get some new earbuds, thanks to Black Friday or my birthday, November 27th, New Blue Sun is going to be the soundtrack to my bike ride around the lake. Or I can use it as laundry music as its creator intended.

Today, I have selected the penultimate track on the 8 song album for today’s Alt-Day Sunday. Enjoy your week and “Ants To You, Gods To Who ?”. Welcome Back, Andre.