Sexyy Red feat. Drake – “U My Everything”

America’s favorite baby mother, Sexyy Red, dropped a new album tonight titled In Sexyy We Trust.

“U My Everything” is a track from Red’s latest project, featuring none other than Drake. This collaboration isn’t too surprising, considering that Drake and Sexyy Red are kinda frequent collaborators at this point. However, it marks Drake’s first appearance on a track since The Great Rap War of 2024.

What stands out about “U My Everything” is that Drake actually raps over Metro Boomin’s viral “BBL Drizzy” diss beat. (Who says Drake can’t take a joke?) It’s interesting that Metro Boomin didn’t copyright the beat, possibly due to the “BBL Drizzy” contest. Crazy.

As for the song itself, it’s not Sexyy Red’s best work, with Drake’s part being the highlight. I saw her dropping snippets on social media and wasn’t impressed by her singing then. It’s somewhat amusing but not enough to carry the song. (We still love you, though, Sexyy!)