Drake – “The Heart Part 6”

I’m gonna be real with you, I thought we were gonna get a break from this whole Drake versus Kendrick rap civil war. In the words of Short-T: “It is First Sunday. And Cinco De Mayo. Do they not have work in the morning?”

No. No, they don’t. Drake replies to Kendrick’s last two records with “The Heart Part 6”. Just like K.Dot made one of his own timestamp series with “6:16 in LA”, Drizzy does the same and makes his own installment of Kendrick’s “The Heart” series with this latest song.

Sidenote: Yes, I am looking at Kendrick’s YouTube page to make sure he has not already dropped a response.

In Drake’s most recent diss track, he acknowledges the supposed OVO mole who was allegedly feeding Kendrick Lamar information from inside his own circle. He also denies all the pedophile allegations, acknowledges that “Not Like Us” was a record he could dance to if it wasn’t full of lies, and calls Kendrick a master manipulator and woman beater.

Sidenote: Refreshes Kendrick’s YouTube page again.

Yeah, this battle is not over yet.