Young Jeezy – The Inspiration [Review]

The Snowman returns with his much awaited sophomore album The Inspiration. Jeezy has proven himself as one of the catchiest rappers in years. From the ad-libs to the hooks that get stuck in your head, after the first spin of a Young Jeezy record he remains undeniably one of the hottest artists out in the past few years. With Lets’ Get It: Thug Motivation 101 already achieving classic status in every hood in every state, how could Jeezy possibly repeat or improve on his first contribution to the hip-hop community?

Hypnotize (Intro)
Produced by Shawty Redd
The intro leaves something to be desired. The hook is very redundant and kind of plain but the lyrics are catchy and the beat is banging’. For an intro the track serves its purpose and sets up the theme for The Inspiration properly.

Still On It
Produced by Midnight Black, DJ Nasty, & LVM
Now this is a signature Jeezy song. Every part of the song gets stuck in your head from the beat to Lyrics to the hook. He lets all listeners know what Jeezy is about “that D’Boy Bullshit yeah I’m still on it/ got a half a brick left do anybody want it?”

U Know What It Is
Produced by Shawty Redd
Another street anthem, Jeezy has a formula and he doesn’t stray from it, and that’s why he consistently makes the most played tracks in pretty much every hood.

Produced by Shawty Redd
3 tracks in and all 3 are simply hot as shit. “J.E.E.Z.Y.” is what every hustler from the “ballers” to the “penny hustlers” will be playing for months to come.

I Luv It
Produced by DJ Toomp
I’m really not loving this one, but it serves its purpose of getting airplay on the radio and views on music video shows.

Go Getta
Featuring R. Kelly; Produced by The Runners
This album is quickly becoming one of my favorites of 2006 after just listening to the first 6 tracks. “Go Getta” is a song that will top the billboard if it’s released as a single.

3 A.M.
Featuring & Produced by Timbaland
On first listen this track is not on the same level of the songs that it is following, but it’s alright…..typical Timbaland track…uninteresting song really.

I’m The Realest
Produced by Drumma Boy
This song is better than “3 A.M.”, it’s hot in all aspects but it doesn’t make me want to listen to it again and again. As the title suggest, Jeezy is laying down how he is the realest one doing it.

Streets On Lock
Produced by Cool & Dre
The Snowman talks to some of the disbelievers and character assassinators. Jeezy gets back on his quest to have another uncontested classic album. With this one he has another (this phrase is getting old) street anthem.

Bury Me A G
Produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League
The 4th quarter of 2006 saw a slew of high profile release hit the shelves. The Snowman is attempting to break out of the pack with songs that could only come from Jeezy. Oh yeah, “Bury Me A G” is another scorcher.

Featuring Keyshia Cole; Produced by The Runners
Simply a damn masterpiece, all elements to this song are done to perfection. Jeezy nails this one; he lays down all of his regrets of hustling down on this one.

What You Talkin’ Bout
Produced by Mr. Collipark
This track sounds like a track that Jeezy is simply reflecting on some things that he has seen and done in his lifetime. Another heater

Keep It Gangsta
Featuring Slick Pulla & Blood Raw; Produced by Key Pusherz
A crew track with a hot beat. No real concept here, the song overall is alright.

Mr. 17.5
Produced by Don Cannon
Jeezy has a sixth sense when it comes to picking tracks. The way he puts his shit together just works. It’s like matching Shaq up with a good scoring guard; you’re going to get tremendous results.

I Got Money
Featuring T.I.; Produced by DJ Toomp
A lot of people knock Jeezy for different reasons, but he makes some of the best songs of any artist rapping. “I Got Money” is another heat rock with T.I. delivering a hot 16.

The Inspiration (Follow Me)
Produced by Anthony Dent
Closing out the album is what could be the best song on the album. This album is better than his first album song for song.

Bottom Line:
Jeezy has made the best album of his 2 album career as well as the best album of 2006. With very few missteps on the album he has made an album that could be considered the best album out since Get Rich Or Die Tryin’.

nappyPicks: This is a must buy album.