The DMF of the Month Award (January)


This month we focus on Professional Athletes:
4. Jason Kidd
This faggot filed for divorce and then requested a restraining order against his wife because she physically and mentally abuses him. I mean this Dumb mutha fucka actually said his wife is too controlling; WTF?? Jason Kidd makes $18 million a year, with that kind of money he can control any bitch. I’m talking about telling that broad when to sleep, eat, shit, talk, and anything else. Jason Kidd is quite simply a weak ass nigga, I don’t know if the money made him soft or if he was already a sucker before he made it to the NBA.

3. Mike Tyson
Tyson is the dumbest mutha fucka in the history of dumb mutha fuckas. Mike Tyson getting arrested for drugs wouldn’t be a big deal if he hadn’t fucked-off over $240 million dollars. Now tack on a 7 year sentence for drug possession and Tyson looks like the king of the idiots

2. Michael Strahan
What the fuck was Michael Strahan thinking about when he gave his ex-wife a pre-nup that said that she would be entitled to 20% of what he made every year?? Now this idiot has to give his ex-wife $15.3 million. Dumb ass mutha fucka should have gave that broad a pre-nup that stated when we separate what you earned through out our marriage is yours and what I earned is mine. On the other hand, maybe he should give her $1 mil and that’s it; because this damn fool already had a multi-million dollar contract when they got married, all that bitch was doing was chasing dollars, and this fool fell for that bitch. Naw; Fuck that, that bitch don’t deserve shit, what has this bitch done during their marriage to deserve 15 million dollars……………………..NOTHING!!!!!!

1. Michael Vick
Oh just when we posted the column, Mr. Vick does something even dumber that what he has already done. Weeks after flipping the bird at the hometown fans, now he tries to board an airplane with a water bottle with a secret compartment that had a trace substance in it that reeked of weed! Come on Mike, so you telling me that you have $30 million and you were reluctant to throw the $10-$15 bottle away? Think about it, you just got a new coach who is not your biggest fan, the hometown fans are calling for your head, and you go out and pull a stunt like this? How much can the Falcons take before they dump this guy? The missing watch at the airport, the pictures with him holding a blunt, the “Ron Mexico” incident, the “Dirty Bird” to the fans, and now this, so Mike Vick you HAVE won something this year, “The Dumb Mother Fucker Award”.

January’s Dumb (Ass) Mother Fucker of the Month: Michael Vick