How did Jim Jones get under Jay-Z’s skin?


How did Jim Jones get under Jay-Z’s skin? That is the question. Jay has let some slick stuff slide from some heavyweights, but this new kid on the block has Jay hot under the collar. Let’s look into it; Hov let the Cam’ron disses go without an answer. But when Jimmy got at Jay, that set him off. I mean check it out. Cam came at Jay real hard, and Jay said nothing. But when Jim got at him, Jay made a public diss at the BET Awards. “Men lie, women lie, but numbers don’t.” At first I didn’t know what he meant by that, but three days later, it was all over the net and radio. I thought Jay was going to let this one slide too, and take the high road. But no, Jay falls into the trap set by the Dipset Capo. I thought his reason for not answering Cam was because Killa Season coming out. So why did he go after Jim? Was it because Jigga had an album coming out? I didn’t think Jay needed the buzz, but I guess I was wrong. I say that Jay loss that battle simply because he responded to a lesser opponent, or was he? But on the flip-side Jim was in a win/win situation. He could come out of the battle slaying the “king of rap”, or he could garner new fans (like myself) by simply going round for round with the champ. You have to understand that Jay was in a lose/lose situation, he could have done Jimmy in and proved what? That he is the better rapper, no we already know that, but what did he have to gain? The answer is nothing! I just didn’t think that Jay would resort to those kinds of tactics. When Jay said “its like playing checkers with a chess player” who was the chess player? Jimmy was, because he was going to generate a huge buzz for his album and introduce himself to a new group of people. Let’s not forget Jim maybe had song of the year in “We Fly High.” Maybe because Jim was all over Sportscenter and that was the reason he felt he had to take him down a notch. The bigger issue is this, if Hov responded to Jim, but didn’t blink a lash at Cam, what does that make Cam feel like? Cam released a diss at Jay like two days after the “Brooklyn High Beef mix,” and I felt sorry for him. Cam dished out insult after insult, and Jay still didn’t bite, but Jim Jones, Cam’s one time sidekick says something, next thing you know things have escalated and we have a battle on our hands. Hmmm? I really think this could have been big for New York if like Jim said, they would have done the remix with Jay and Jim on it with a few more heavy hitters from NY. It would have been major. New York needs some unity and it could have started with this remix. But I still want to know why is Jim is on Hov’s mind so much. Is it because he feels that a new movement is on the horizon or that the old dog isn’t relevant anymore in the “New New York?”