Buckeey vs. Bootz


King Jerm vs. B-Easy In this debate, we take at look at two stars of Flavor of Love 2 and Charm School: Shay “Buckeey” Johnson and Larissa “Bootz” Aurora. After many arguments between King Jerm and B-Easy about which woman is better, it was time to take this argument to nappyafro.com. Not saying that any of these chicks are wifey material (Remember, they were on Flavor of Love!), but between Buckeey and Bootz; who is the hottest?

King Jerm’s Pick: Shay “Buckeey” Johnson


When Shay “Buckeey” Johnson steps out, the girls steps out. Not only does she have that down ass chick vibe, shorty is fly, for real! Shay is the total package. The lips, the booty, her smile, and the fact that she’s from the “A!” Bootz is hot, but her attitude and her childish ways take away from her looks. I like an attitude in a woman, but Bootz is outrageous. Let’s not forget the fact that Bootz didn’t hold her girl down in the end. Overall, Bootz might have the better body, but the better package is Buckeey!

B-Easy’s Pick: Larissa “Bootz” Aurora


Yea right! What’s wrong with a girl with an attitude? You wanna talk about the total package? Larissa “Bootz” Aurora is the total package. Have you seen those eyes, thighs, breasts, and booty? Like King Jerm said, Bootz has the better body. She might have not held Shay down on Charm School, but if Buckeey would have stuck to the script, it wouldn’t have been problem. I’m not a hater, Shay is kinda hot, I just can’t forget how she was all over Flava Flav’s nuts on Flavor Of Love 2. Okay, all the girls on that show were, but at least Bootz told Flav that he wasn’t getting no ass. If you ain’t no punk and can handle a strong woman, Bootz is the obvious choice.