Song of the Week: Boss Hogg Outlawz – “Recognize A Playa”


I’ll let the cat out of the bag; I’m a Slim Thug fan. That may shock some of you seeing that I’m a big Jay-Z/dead prez fan. Two years ago when Mike Jones and Paul Wall was getting most of the Houston love, I always thought Slim Thug was better. Slim Thug just always had that swagger mixed with a little bit of lyricism. His album Already Platinum was much better than I expected and even though it went gold, it still was kinda overlooked. This leads me to the Song of the Week, Slim Thug’s group, Boss Hogg Outlawz. Their album Serve & Collect wasn’t that bad either and it also flew under the radar. Not to say I’m all for materialism and male chauvinism, but sometimes that makes the best music (old school Ice-T or Snoop proves that). Okay, enough with the rant, enjoy the song.

Download: Boss Hogg Outlawz – “Recognize A Playa”

Album: Serve & Collect
Released: February 27, 2007
Label: Polygram Records