Pimp C and UGK, Nas a “gangsta rapper”, the Jena 6, McDonald’s fries, Video Vixen retirement, & Birthdays


I know it’s been a while since the last installment of The Lion’s Den. But it’s me snitches! This week we have a few people stopping by, Pimp C and UGK, the term “gangsta rapper”, the Jena 6, some McDonald’s fries, and the retirement of a video vixen. So read on for the stories.

Pimp C’s Rant = #1 Album

After tearing the airwaves up with his rants about Atlanta not being the south, and smelling his cologne, Pimp C must have done something right because UGK scored their first #1 spot in the group’s history. Pushing 160K units is tough in today’s rap climate, but with some controversy, anything is possible. I’m glad that Bun-B didn’t get involved with this. He went about grinding the right way, on rap tracks rather than radio stations. But kudos still goes out to UGK!

Nas a “Gangster Rapper”

Yep you heard it right, Nas is a gangster according to Bill O’Reilly! Isn’t this the same guy that called Ludacris a gangster rapper? I think the media uses the term too loosely. When I think of so called “gangster rappers”, I think of people like Scarface, Ice-T, and the old Master P. Nas has to be one of the most uplifting MC’s of our time, so to coin him a “gangster rapper” is foolish! But considering the source, it doesn’t surprise me. Shame on you Bill!

Free the Jena 6

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There is an ongoing online petition to garner some attention to the Jena 6. If you haven’t heard about it click here for the story and the petition. We have to do something about this situation. This is 2007 and we still have these problems. The nation wants us to act like racism is not existent anymore, but with incidents like this, racism lives!

Look out for the fries!

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Cruising the internet and ran into this video by Ryan Spurlock about McDonald’s fries. Check it out, and for the record, I’m done with McDonalds. I don’t care how good the $1 sweet tea and the value menu are!

Retirement of Esther Baxter

I saw that one of my favorite video girls is calling it quits. Esther Baxter said that after the Smooth Magazine cover she is putting in her two week notice. She says she’s going to school for real estate, WOW! I would love to have her as an agent! But I’m happy for her; she is bettering herself before her ASS-ets start letting her down. But do your thing, and here are a couple of pictures in case you don’t know who she is!



Happy Birthday

Hey, I just wanted to take a break from the Hip-Hop, and send a special belated birthday shout-out to the love of my life, the mother of my two children, and my true soul mate, my wife Bre’. Happy Birthday baby (August 21st), I love you! Oh yeah was Slik P’s birthday too Holla at me dog, matter of fact, how about doing some work on the site! Dang, it was also B-Easy’s nephew Ryan’s B-Day as well as he niece’s Shelby (August 20).