Wouldn’t Get Far: Video Vixens


With dwindling sells Hip-Hop has lost some of its appeal to the public. Here we’re exploring another area where the Hip-Hop drought has struck. The Video Vixen. If you are not like Superhead and writing a tell-all book, you not making money either! We put up some of the more popular ones, to see how they are faring in the Hip-Hop depression.

Name: Lola Luv/Angel

Biggest Video: Young Jeezy’s “I Luv It”
Notable Asset: Breast/Booty
She is in a lot of videos, but let’s be honest, SHE’S A CHEATER! Fake boobs and fake booty? The men love her, but is that what it has come to, faking it until you make it.

Name: Buffie The Body

Biggest Video: Tony Yoyo’s “So Seductive”
Notable Asset: Booty
She is the People’s Champ. She still gets a lot of attention, although she hasn’t done a video in a minute. Her name stays out there, I wonder why?

Name: Maliah

Biggest Video: Busta Rhymes’ “Touch It (remix)”
Notable Asset: Booty
She is one of King Jerm’s favorites, but she doesn’t do a lot of videos, but she is put together well. It has gotten so bad for her, her website isn’t even up anymore.

Name: Esther Baxter

Biggest Video: Petey Pablo’s “Freek-A-Leek”
Notable Asset: Breast
Probably the workhorse out of the group, she has numerous cameos and magazine covers. But she recently hung up the towel to go to school for REAL ESTATE.