Song of the Week: Tre-8 feat. Master P – “Fright Night”


I had to dig deep in the crates for this joint; another No Limit joint for your ass. I can’t front people, I was once a No Limit fan too, and me being from the South I was riding with The Tank until they started to release anything to the general mass public. Anyway, this song is from a former No Limit artist name Tre-8 (Rapper/Producer). This song is called “Fright Night” featuring Master P. This track alone is very dark, and dope. Mo B. Dick was in another zone when he produced this cut and I love the violins. This song was made in 1995 during the heavy gangsta rap era (Okay, it’s still is a gangsta rap era). It was released on two CD’s, one CD was from him called Ghetto Stories which was a gangsta album and hard to find. No Limit did their thing on that album, and another CD was Down South Hustlers – Bouncin’ N Swingin’ double disc. This is originally the first double disc rap CD but I guess nobody mention this since its a compilation album instead of being a full Master P album. Many of the guest artists on this CD are from New Orleans and Texas such as Eightball & MJG, Silk (Slikk The Shocker’s name at the time), and a lot of former No Limit artist during that period (Partners N Crime, Magnolia Slim (Soulja Slim R.I.P.), DJ Screw, ESG, etc.). Therefore enjoy the song and listen how No Limit was doing it when they was still in that “Bout It, Bout It”, “Ice Cream Man” stage. Dope shit.

Download: Tre-8 – “Fright Night” (feat. Master P)

Song: “Fright Night” (feat. Master P)
Producer: Mo B. Dick
Album: Ghetto Stories (also on Down South Hustlers – Bouncin’ N Swingin’)
Released: 1995
Label: No Limit