Top 10 Female MC’s Of All Time


In today’s Rap game, the female MC is a dying breed. Yea, you still see lady rappers here and there, but not like back in the day. It used to be you had to have a female in the crew, but now, it seems their not detrimental (Ex. Jay-Z dropped Amil and never replaced her). So here we at decided to give our list for the Top Ten Females MC’s of All Time. Debate. Enjoy. Hate. Leave a comment at the bottom.

1. MC Lyte

Not only was she the best female MC of all-time; she could hold her own against most of the guys in her day.

2. Lauryn Hill

Before she got into the baby making business, Ms. Hill was dynamite behind the microphone.


3. Lil’ Kim

She didn’t pen all of her rhymes, but she brought “sexy” to Hip-Hop

4. Roxanne Shante

The first female to go toe-to-toe with the fellas, and sometime come out on top!

5. Da Brat

The first female to go platinum, but she wasn’t just a commercial success. Da B-R-A-T had some serious rhymes with her.

6. Queen Latifah

She was all about unity and empowerment of the Black sisters while still making in a male dominated market.

7. Mia X

Lyrically, the best artist out of the No Limit camp.

8. Rah Digga

Never got her due with Flipmode because of a pregnancy, but Digga can hold it down with the heavyweights. See “Touch It” (remix)!

9. Lady of Rage

Never really saw here full potential, but at one time she was beast to get respect on Death Row. Check out the intro on Snoop’s Doggystyle.

10. Remy Ma


Still striving to get out of Pun’s shadow and make a name for herself without Fat Joe. But don’t get it twisted; Remy is sick on the mic.