R.I.P. = The H-Town Movement [2005 – 2006]


Remember in 2005 when Houston was the “New Atlanta”? Well what happened to that movement? Houston had the game on lock with new stars on the horizon like Mike Jones, Slim Thug, Paul Wall, Chamillionaire, and Lil’ Flip. But after 2005, these guys disappeared from the face of the planet. Well not really, they weren’t all over the place anymore. They were supposed to take over the southern scene from Atlanta, but Atlanta is still the number one draw! The last two years have been real quiet around Houston, with the exception of a lackluster Chamillionaire album and a weak Paul Wall album; there hasn’t been much to talk about musically from the H-Town.

Slim Thug

slimthug1.jpgReleased Already Platinum with some critical acclaim but hasn’t followed up his debut with anything new. Being the street guy out of the bunch, he got a lot of love from the streets but hasn’t given the streets anything since 2005.

Paul Wall

paulwall1.jpgReleased The People’s Champ along with Get Money, Stay True. The first one went platinum, but the second one flopped! Last I heard he was prepping a Rock album with Nickelback. If you didn’t know any better, you would think that he is the guy who made grills popular by the way he was selling them to everybody.

Mike Jones

mikejones1gif.jpgMaybe one of the best marketing strategies helped him to a platinum plaque with Who is Mike Jones? But since we have all forgotten his number and name, Mr. Jones and his Ice Age crew have made America wonder, where is Mike Jones?


chamillionaire1.jpgHe was the most successful out the bunch; winning awards for his debut The Sound of Revenge and his hit single Ridin Dirty. But with the release of his latest album Ultimate Victory, the sales and the buzz for Houston wasn’t like it was, and the country didn’t have the same love it had for him on his first LP.

Lil’ Flip

lilflip1.jpgWell since T.I. killed him on Down with the King, Flip has been a nonfactor. As a matter of fact, how did Flip even make this column? To borrow a line from him, GAME OVER!