The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly: Sports Edition Part 2


Back again, and from the responses, HIP HOP HEADS LIKE SPORTS TOO! No music to review, so we come back with the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. This time we have the World Champion Giants falling through, along with Bill Belicheat, and Kevin Hart. No, not the guy from Soul Plane! Some guy that is still in high school! But read on to see what is what!

THE GOOD: The Giants won Super Bowl XLII! 17-14!


I’m not one to say I told you so, sike, yes I am, I TOLD YOU SO! The Giants did what most of the world thought they couldn’t do, snatch immortality from the Patriots! My hat goes out to the Patriots, who played an awesome game, but in the end, Eli showed that his last name was MANNING! The fourth quarter was amazing! Once the Pats scored with 2 minutes to go, I felt the game was over. When Eli hit Tyree with that remarkable pass/catch combo, I knew it was destiny! Let’s congratulate the victors, and also to the Pats for one hell of a season!

THE BAD: Bill Belichick’s 1 second walkoff after the Super Bowl.


Now everyone has been calling the Patriots some bad sports, but now we know where they get it from! With one second on the clock the head man walks off the field! In all fairness, he did shake the opposing coaches hand, but after that he was out! Granted the “One Second Rule” is dumb, but rules are rules! But don’t we know that he has a hard time following rules!

THE UGLY: Kevin Hart lies that he was recruited by California and Oregon!


FALL FROM GRACE! First, you had the country on your side when you said you were scammed. Now that you come out with the truth and tell everyone that you lied, you look like an IDIOT! When does a 2 STAR athlete gets accepted in a 5 STAR school? Unless you are the man in your town, I don’t see how you can show your face anymore! Now you have people taking shots at you on sites everywhere, you have triumphed, just in the wrong arena. Well you can kiss your football career goodbye, because there isn’t a coach in the country that wants you now! Google his name for the whole story!