Sheek Louch – Silverback Gorilla [Review]

Sheek Louch - Silverback Gorilla

As one third of the group The LOX, Sheek is probably the least know member. But while he may have never gain solo commercial success as his partners Jadakiss or Styles, in recent years, Sheek Louch has been the most “in the street”. After releasing and appearing on numerous mixtapes, Sheek is prepared to let loose his third solo album, Silverback Gorilla. Will this album put his name up there with his LOX brethren? Let’s see…

1. Lottery (Skit)
An intro with Sheek talking to his homie about winning the lottery; “I’m a take care of my friends, take care of my family, and I’m a take care of enemies”. Short and sweet.

2. Think We Got A Problem
Featuring The Game & Bun-B; Produced by DJ B-Roc
The album really starts with this East/West/South banger as Game and Bun-B join in. The beat here is probably one of the best on the album. The Game steals the show as he goes second; “I think we got a problem/Sheek know I’m hot/Kiss and Styles should make me a member of the LOX/I’ll take all the beefs/I remember how to box/And I ever get knocked out I remember how to pop”.

3. Keep Pushin’
Featuring Mike Smith; Produced by Joshua Marcus
On a standard beat, Sheek goes for thug inspiration complete with a weak R&B hook. Kinda boring to me.

4. Good Love
Produced Red Spyda
Here Sheek makes a good quality club oriented song (sampling Betty Wright’s “Tonight Is The Night”). It has Sheek in his element, and doesn’t feel like he’s reaching too much either; you know, like it doesn’t have him taking about trips to Spain with supermodels and have Omarion singing on the hook. Good song.

5. D-Block/Dipset
Featuring Styles P, Jadakiss, Hell Rell, Max B, & Jim Jones; Produced by Mr. Devine
I guess this almost had to happen with rumors of a Styles/Jim Jones album on the horizon and both crews having a heavy street following. Not bad, not good. I guess if you big fans of both you might wanna check this out. The beat and gangster talking are both standard.

6. We At War
Produced by StreetRunner
A Reggae inspired track that has Sheek using the usual metaphor for ghetto as a warzone. Once again, nothing to write home about.

7. Scrap To This
Produced by Vinny Idol
Sheek pulls out another great sample on this track to produces some simple East Coast fight music.

8. Don’t Be Them
Produced by Doc Little
Here Sheek tells the kids and uping comers not to be like these famous rapper (He even names Eminem, Ludacris, 2Pac, Biggie, etc.). I understand the message, but weak execution by the track and lyrics lessens the effectiveness.

9. Gettin’ Stronger
Featuring Styles P & Jadakiss
The LOX unite here for gangster results and war cry hook (“Gettin’ stronger!”). It probably what you expect except the order they rap in is a little different

10. That’s A Soldier
Produced by Vinny Idol
Sheek shows good serviceable storytelling ability over a military inspired beat. The story is basically about man growing up hard and turning into the ultimate thug/soldier. He doesn’t give Slick Rick a run for his money, but it’s good.

11. What What
Featuring Bully; Produced by Dame Grease
The hook on this one is lazy as hell (“If you love it the hood my niggas then say, What! What!”). Dame Grease provides a great beat though.

12. We Comin’
Featuring Unk; Produced by DJ Montay
Yeah, you read right, Sheek Louch and DJ Unk have a song together. While the results of these don’t have Sheek walking it out, the paring does sound forced over a dark, Southern track.

13. Crowd (Skit)
An intro for the following track.

14. We Spray Crowds
Produced by Mr. Devine
This one sounds like vintage late 90’s and you know what? I like it. Sheek explaining that if he can’t get in the club or there’s beef in the club, he will shoot it up. Yeah, it’s ignorant. But the hook and beat on this one are mean.

15. Rubber Grip
Featuring Fat Joe & Styles P; Produced by J. Cardim
This late in the album, its more gangster posturing as Fat Joe and Styles stops by. The beat and lyrics here both do nothing note worthy.

16. 2 Turntables & A Mic
Produced Red Spyda
Not exactly what I expected with the title of this song; I thought I’d hear some DJ scratching. Not the best lyrics either, “I don’t breakdance ever since ‘One More Chance'”. Huh?

17. Mic Check
Produced Vinny Idol
Over a piano laced track, Sheek asks which current rapper will be legendary; “Who’s the next Jam Master Jay?/Is it Flex? Is It Felli Fel?/Is Hova the next Melle Mel?”. Once again, I understand the message, just not the best execution.

18. Go Hoodlums
Produced Vinny Idol
I think Hoodlum is basically saying thug without saying thug. The beat on this isn’t have bad. It’s basically a motivation for thugs but its not a terrible way to end.

Bottom Line:
I’m sure Sheek Louch/LOX/D-Block fans will be happy with this album which is basically a higher extension of the mixtapes Sheek has been putting out as of late. While I don’t think it will rise his popularity to that of his fellow LOX members, it will satisfy his core audience.

nappy Picks: “Think We Got A Problem”, “Good Love”, “Scrap To This”, & “We Spray Crowds”

Download: Sheek Louch feat. The Game & Bun-B – “Think We Got A Problem”