Snoop Dogg – Ego Trippin’ [Review]

Snoop Dogg - Ego Trippin'

The Dogg has dropped a CD damn near every other year since ‘99 and even his most forgettable album(s) have gone platinum. The 16x platinum artist offers this latest CD which will probably make him 18x platinum based on the popularity of “Sensual Seduction” alone. Besides, how can you go wrong with production by Teddy Riley, DJ Quik, Raphael Saadiq, and The Neptunes? That’s what I thought.

1. A Word Witchya! (Intro)
Produced by Terrace Martin

2. Press Play
Featuring Kurupt; Produced by DJ Quik
Quick is a personal favorite of mine and he really personifies the West Coast soulful sound. This track features samples some Isley Brothers so you know it rides. Really R&B sounding and Snoop does his usual spit. Kurupt shows up to make this track sound familiar.

3. SD Is Out
Featuring Charlie Wilson; Produced by Teddy Riley
It seems obvious that Snoop is getting in touch with his inner R&B side. Another decent track that Snoop rides in his traditional style promoting the laid back feel and smooth style.

4. Gangsta Like Me
Produced by Teddy Riley
I think Teddy had a new jack track left over and he tweaked it…it became this. The track honestly sucks, and hearing Snoop talk about his pressed hair with the combination of his singing makes this the worst track on the album. SKIP

5. Neva Have 2 Worry
Featuring Uncle Chucc; Produced by Niggaracci
“Gangsta Like Me” is tied for worst track with this song. Uncle Chucc sounds like a long lost member of Dru Hill on another R&B sounding song. Snoop stumbles a bit out the gate, but speaking on his longevity, freedom of speech, and his past makes up for it. Good song.

6. Sexual Eruption
Produced by Shawty Redd
We all know this track, and I loved it initially. The radio version sounds a lot better lyrically. “Sexual Eruption” doesn’t have the smooth subtlety that comes across with the radio version.

7. Life Of Da Party
Featuring Too Short & Mistah F.A.B.; Produced by Scoop Deville
I am not a big fan of the track itself, but Snoop and Short don’t disappoint and make this song fun. I’m the life of the party / I got 10 bad bitches acting retarded / I’m tryna meet a few new ones / wassup wit’chu girl, maybe we can do sum’n. Too Short been doin’ this shit so long, it’s never a surprise what he says, but I love it nonetheless. This is a good song to blast in the ride.

8. Waste Of Time
Featuring & Produced by Raphael Saadiq
Is this Instant Vintage Pt. 2? A leftover track from Instant Vintage? No, no, its not, but it should be. I can’t hate on it, but this is not what I expected to hear. It becomes painfully obvious on this track that Snoop’s flow, if done by another person, would be called horrible. It’s choppy and thoughtless at times…. “She make it so harder…” He said it, I didn’t. Again though, this track rolls, fuck a lyric. LOL.

9. Cool
Produced by Teddy Riley
HOT DAMN, Teddy jumped in a time machine and stole some Prince/The Time music and brought it to the future. I swear I heard this song on the Purple Rain soundtrack. Again, not a bad track, but Snoop? Really? Oh yeah, he’s singing on this one, again.

10. Sets Up
Featuring Pharrell; Produced by The Neptunes
It’s The Neptunes back and they added more cowbell. The track rolls and Pharrell appears on a fun track. Snoop spits about his longevity and swagger as the hook asks you to rep ya hood.

11. Deez Hollywood Nights
Produced by Nottz
CLEARLY the most fun song on the album. Snoop spitting and name dropping some names like Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson, and Leonardo DiCaprio. Snoop is having fun and is being a little more creative with some story telling on this one. His bravado and blatant machismo is comedy on this track.

12. Whateva U Do
Produced by Khao
I really don’t like this track. Like, I wanted to say skip, but it’s not horrible. It wears you down. Again, it rolls in the ride. Dude ain’t sayin shit new, regular stuff here, but its Snoop.

13. Staxxx In My Jeans
Produced by Rick Rock
The track features some pretty weak synthesizer but Snoop comes harder than he has on any of the other tracks. His flow and posturing on this one gets it over.

14. Been Around Tha World
Featuring Tone; Produced by Niggaracci
I can’t place the sample, but he straight stole this from some R&B song. It’s pretty stripped down but you will recognize it when you hear it. There is some, singing(?) laced on this track that is um, yeah. Snoop says this song is for the ladies…he’s never been more right.

15. Let It Out
Produced by Teddy Riley
Nice track that has a little Mediterranean feel to it. Snoop up to his usual antics posturing and grand standin’ and he does it to this beat pretty cool. Great song to blast in the ride.

16. My Medicine
Produced & Featuring Everlast
Let me make this real simple for you…Everlast + Snoop = Country song about weed. ES KAY AYE PEE

17. Ridin’ In My Chevy
Produced by Scoop DeVille
The Impala rides to this track; not bad. The title pretty tells you what this track is about, Snoop rappin’ about chillin’ with some smatterings of other shit that don’t relate just to fill out the track. Lol.

18. Those Gurlz
Produced by DJ Quik & Teddy Riley
I don’t know if it’s possible to get a more soulful sound than Quick and Riley. Well, I’m sure you could, but it would not be as versatile as this track. R&B as hell, but it works for this flow as well. …and them otha bitches, they gone wait in line / they hatin on you, how you take away they shine / rewind / pay attention to the signs.

19. One Chance (Make it Good)
Produced by Frequency
Quite simply, step ya game up. Snoop speaks on bringin’ yo A game to the table when you tryna get yo mack on. If you like her, wife her / if you love her, smother her. Obviously Snoop made this with his wife in mind, even mentions her in the track. It’s funny to hear him on track 19 talk about wifing up someone when he been fuckin’ hoes on the previous tracks. LOL.

20. Why Did You Leave Me
Produced by Hitboy & Polow da Don
This track confuses me. You mix Akon and The-Dream and you get the singer on the hook. The track itself, I just don’t know. Anyway, this is another track for the ladies.

21. Can’t Say Goodbye
Featuring Charlie Wilson & The Gap Band; Produced by Teddy Riley
Another R&B sample that I can’t place, but this is probably one of my favorite songs on the album. Snoop speaks truth on this one the perils of the hood, his love for family, and him being who he is. It is really R.Kelly-esque in production and hook. I got a beautiful wife and some gorgeous kids / but I wouldn’t be right if I ignored the shit / that made me who I am / the music and the man. I can’t hate on that Snoop, well said.

Bottom Line:
I listened to an interview with Snoop on the Jamie Foxx show and he lets you know, he is on some Ego Trip shit. He is having fun, loving life, and doing what the fuck ever he wants to do. 20 tracks of music that, because of the production, does not sound like a Hip-Hop album. It is a lot more groovy and R&B than anything else and a good CD to ride to overall. The album stumbles a bit with the country song and the other two what the hell moments, but there are STILL 17 good/solid tracks which is more than most CD’s today even offer. Snoop is Snoop and he has evolved. I had to let go of the idea that Snoop would ever be that same Snoop from Chronic and Doggystyle. This is who is he is, good or bad, dude is happy and thankful for his career and makes some of the best music to chill to.

Download: Snoop Dogg feat. Raphael Saadiq- “Waste Of Time”

Download: Snoop Dogg feat. Too Short & Mistah F.A.B. – “Life Of Da Party”