Flo Rida – Mail On Sunday [Review]

Flo Rida - Mail On Sunday

The latest artist out of Florida to garner success isn’t an overnight sensation, but a story with a lot of trials and tribulations. Having walked 30 miles to try out for someone, and when you got there, they were gone, and you still wanted to rap? That is somebody that wants it! Seeing people around you getting on (Pretty Ricky) and you know that should’ve been you, that still didn’t curb his dream, but it made him hungrier than the other cats out there. His story is like others, but what makes his road rougher is the “Ringtone Rapper” label he’s going to have to fight off. This is the moment he has been waiting on, so people calling him anything is fine, because at least he knows he made it.

American Superstar
Featuring Lil’ Wayne; Produced by Da Honorable C-Note
He gave the people what they wanted…Weezy out the gate! The song is kind of hot; Wayne is at the point where he thinks he can say anything. But this isn’t his song, and Flo Rida doesn’t get shined on by the “Rapper Eater”. HOT SONG!

Ack Like You Know
Produced by Deputy
Flo Rida is given a bouncy beat that he puts a hurting on! The up tempo flow compliments the track perfectly. The hook is tight and surely one that has club banger written all over it. BANG THIS ONE!

Featuring Timbaland; Produced by Timbaland
Second single off of the album and Flo Rida teams up with Timbo on the track. Remember the days when Timbo on a track was a guaranteed hit? Well looks like he struck GOLD with this one! I don’t like the song, but it has that mainstream success feel to it.

Featuring Sean Kingston; Produced by JR Rotem
This is definitely going to be released as a single. It has that single feel to it. Sean Kingston is doing his best T-Pain impersonation, and Rida gives us that song that will have the ladies in the club dancing. This one will have the dance floors rocking.

Featuring T-Pain; Produced by DJ Montay
The mega hit by Flo Rida that you have heard a million times. I thought that T-Pain had made the beat until I did my research.

Featuring Birdman; Produced by Hit Boy & Chase N. Cashe
This is the stunner song right here, and you can’t have stunting without the #1 stunner Birdman! The beat is tight on this one, and Rida gives you some nice verses, but Birdman kind of falters. His slip up didn’t doom the song, because Rida verses and the beat make up for it.

Ms. Hangover
Produced by JR Rotem
Flo Rida sounds like T-Pain on this one, and JR Rotem puts together another club song. I don’t like this one, but I’m sure some will like it. I have to give this one TWO THUMBS DOWN!

Still Missing
Produced by Kane Beatz
What sounds like “Jazzy Belle” this song has an interesting hook, “my lawnmower at home, but my hoe still missing, my rake in the shed but my hoe still missing.” I guess this is song about a girl that did him wrong? This is song is so bizarre that it’s intriguing, if that makes any sense. Listen for yourself.

In the Ayer
Featuring will.i.am; Produced by will.i.am
The big name producers keep coming on the LP, but this time will.i.am dishes out a club banger for Flo Rida. His album has a party feel to it, and this one doesn’t change from the formula. I don’t like this one either, but the “suburban” crowd and the kids will like this one!

Me & U
Produced by DJ Frank E
This is Flo Rida’s version of a love song. Can’t knock the man’s hustle on this one, the beat has some serious bass in it. The song isn’t bad at all, if you are the lovey dovey type.

All My Life
Produced by Fatboi
This track has a bouncy beat that Rida spits something that puts you in the mind of some Trick Daddy, but he’s not biting, he just sounds like Trick a little bit. The song is alright, it’s not grit hot, but it’s on the room temperature side.

Don’t Know How to Act
Featuring Yung Joc; Produced by Drumma Boy
Joc makes an appearance on the Drumma Boy track, and you know that Joc gives you the crowd participation songs. But this one sounds like “It’s Going Down”. You might not like Joc, but you have to say the man makes some good hooks! BANGER!

Freaky Deaky
Featuring Trey Songz; Produced by Gorilla Tek
This is the prerequisite R&B/Rap song that every rapper must have. But this one is kind of tight! It has that bass line that every rap love song should have. Trey put up some nice crooning on this track. The ladies will love this one. This song has sexy written over it. NO HOMO!

Money Right
Featuring Briscoe & Rick Ross; Produced by Javon “4mil” Thomas
The posse cut is last on the album, and the first thing is the commanding production on the song. Briscoe (Cash Money) puts down a nice sixteen, but Ross’ sixteen was sick! This song is TIGHT! The beat is sick, and the production is sicker, this song has the FLU!

Bottom Line:
At first I thought that I was going to hate this album off of his first two singles. But as I listened to the album I found myself bobbing to a lot of the songs, and eventually started liking Flo Rida’s swag. (NO HOMO) Am I convinced that he is one of the best lyricists in the South? No, but he is one of the HOTTEST out right now. Whether or not that means that he will have a long career is yet to be seen, but he is in a position to turn it into a lucrative career by making some good moves. He’s going to move units on the strength of his smash single, but he proved that he’s bigger than a single. His album has a lot of singles on it, and I think that he gave his fans what they wanted to hear.

nappy Picks: “American Superstar”, “Ack Like You Know”, “Priceless”, “Still Missing”, “Don’t Know How to Act”, & “Money Right”

Download: Flo Rida – “Still Missing”