iPod Hustle: Fabolous, Nas, & Ghostface


Like I always do at this time! Yea, it’s time for another iPod Hustle. For you new readers out there, and trust me there are a few of you out there, this is where I reach out to my old trusty ever-present iPod and tell you what I’m currently listening to. Sometimes it’s new stuff; sometimes it’s old stuff, but all the time its good stuff. In this edition, I check out some F-A-B-O, revisit Nas’ Hip Hop Is Dead, and give you a track from Ghostface’s new compilation The Wallabee Champ. Shall we?


Download: Fabolous feat. Red Cafe – “Fuck ‘Em All”

Fabolous & DJ Drama – There Is No Competition (Gangsta Grillz: Special Edition) [2008]
I always thought the beat from Rick Ross & T-Pain’s “The Boss” was top notch. But the lyrics; not so much. That’s why when I heard Fabolous’ version (“Fuck ‘Em All” feat. Red Café), I was hype. You might of heard these verses tacked on the “The Boss” (remix) with Lil Wayne added, but it was originally on Fab/DJ Drama’s Gangsta Grillz: There Is No Competiton. While Red Café’s opening verse is serviceable, it’s Fab who really bodies the track: “I must be the niggy/Run in ya house/ snatch ya little Russy & Diggy/It’s nothing no biggy/And if I have to I do it myself/I feelin’ like a Puff with no Biggie/Now these Joker niggas OD and pullin’ a Heath Ledge/So I’m a killa cow/Make sure that the beefs dead/Buger ass niggas/I look further past niggas/And go over the head of Uncle Murda ass niggas.” Dang.


Download: Nas – “No Idea’s Original” (Original Version)

Nas – The Lost Tapes [2002]
I must admit, lately while driving in my car, I’ve been playing a lot of Nas lately. Maybe it’s because the buzz around his new upcoming album Nigger or maybe it’s because I need some real intricate lyrics (In this age, you know it’s hard to find them sometimes). Well, the track I’ve been playing a lot is the original version of “No Idea’s Original” off The Lost Tapes. I think sometimes we all forget how good Nas actually is (And this is from a big Jay-Z fan). While there are a lot of songs that showcase this, this songs does a good job: “From, Czechoslovakia to Texas metropolis/Them, treacherous rastas and the Mexican mafias/Be scrappin’ with tats on they back, violent wars/Nothin’ less than a lethal injection if ever caught/Courtrooms, eagles and flags, American style/While in our world, the ghetto stays incredibly foul/Watchin’ for paint chips, don’t want no led in yo’ child/But them gangstas put lead in yo’ child, the bezzy be out/The chain be like a hundred K/Shinin ‘since Roxanne Shante’ made “Runaway”; that’s been a minute/Genesis is deep, my features are that of a God/It’s not a facade it’s a fact, these rappers wanna be Nas.” Again; damn.


Download: Ghostface Killah feat. Jadakiss & Lil’ Wayne – “Run” (remix)

Ghostface Killah – The Wallabee Champ [2008]
My last one, it from the recently released compilation The Wallabe Champ from Ghoatface. The album consists off freestyles, older, mainly previously unreleased Tony Starks tracks One track that I’m sure will catch the eye of some people the remix of “Run” featuring Jadakiss & Lil’ Wayne. Don’t’ get too excited though; after listening to the track it seems as if they just added a poor sound quality Weezy verse from his Tha Carter 1 days. It’s not bad, just not what some people are going to expect. I love the original by the way. Oh yeah; Will we review The Wallabee Champ? No.