Song of the Week: Fat Joe – “Victim”


Damn, I remember when about 3 years ago, Fat Joe was actually hot. Think about it, a year before he had a monster hit with “Lean Back”, he was featured on the NY comeback track “New York” with Ja Rule & Jadakiss. It’s a long cry from his career now, and let’s be real, he’s on the edge of that being dead. For some reason he can’t get anybody to care about his new album and the most press he’s gotten in the past month is being on the cover of a G-Unit mixtape. Well, thats not what I have here. To me “Victim” is one of the best Fat Joe songs ever. Why wasn’t it on his 2005 album All Or Nothing? Beats me, but this song blows every song on that album away (Matter of fact, it blows anything away on his new album too. On “Victim”, this is not the Joe who my nephew thinks is from Miami. While, I didn’t hate The Elephant In The Room, I do think this song shows what he can be. Enjoy.

Download: Fat Joe – “Victim”