That’s Some Bull%!*# (Ed. 1)


I’d like to welcome everyone to the 1st edition of the newest column to nappyafro from yours truly (SBK) entitled That’s Some Bull%!*#. It is in this column that I seek to inform readers about the current things that I think are bullshit and have plain just pissed me off. Many of the features of this column will be from the music industry whether it’s artists or releases or statements (think back to Yung Berg and the infamous “Dark Butts” comment). But if there is some bullshit present in other areas of the world we won’t hesitate to point it out. In reading this column you can agree with me or think I’m totally wrong but frankly…don’t give a fuck cause I’m just speaking my opinions (Disclaimers: These views don’t reflect those of nappyafro or any other staff member…unless they think so too.) So with that little introduction behind us let’s get to the bull…


Immediately you know I’m going at Kanye’s newly released single “Love Lockdown” off his upcoming album 808’s & Heartbreak. I don’t know what shit Ye was drinking when he wrote and recorded this song but he obviously had too much of it. I thought “Drunk And Hot Girls” off his Graduation album was the worst that he could do, but Kanye has managed to take it to another level with this shit. Ye needs to leave this Auto-Tune shit alone once and for all (along with every other rapper in the industry and even T-Pain). Enough with that shit cause y’all ain’t doing it near as good as Roger Troutman did (Props to the originator). If Good Ass Job isn’t Kanye’s best album (or close to the level of The College Dropout) I might just be done with Ye and he’ll lose a good ass fan…


Continuing with bullshit songs WTF is this shit from T-Pain namely in “I Can’t Believe It”. God, I haven’t heard such an annoying song since his last single (Ha!). The first time that I heard this song I had to immediately turn it off as I couldn’t stand to listen to it. I’ve only heard this song in its entirety from watching the music video for it on OnDemand (Props to Comcast & Music Choice). While the video was creative and original, it had my head spinning and seeing circles. That is to say that shit was a little too much for my taste and wouldn’t be watched again. This cat needs to sit down somewhere making these silly ass songs (that’s the problem with much of the music today) and give the Auto-Tune a rest (probably the only reason he’s still relevant as an artist). I did fail to mention Lil’ Wayne appearance in the music video, but don’t even get me started on that man we could be here all week…


If you talk about bullshit and no appreciation then you have to look no further than beneath the surface of Hip-Hop music. Underground Hip-Hop is what I’m referring to and it’s delivering some of the best music right now (and for a long time before) in the genre but is steadily getting overlooked and underrated because of the commercial side. Two of the best songs that I have recently come across in “To The Top (Stick 2 The Script)” from Statik Selektah and “How We Rock” by Termanology are quite possibly the best songs that I have heard all year (and that’s saying a lot). When I first heard Termanology’s “How We Rock”, which is produced by and features DJ Premier along with Bun B, I was literally dazed from how incredibly ill it was. The beat is one of Premier’s best this year and both Term and Bun spit some amazing lyrics over Premo’s nicely laid production. The newly released video for the song is also incredible along with the video for “To The Top (Stick 2 The Script)” (Props to Rik Cordero…if you don’t know then GET FAMILIAR).

The biggest bullshit is how these great songs like these go unheard and passed over by the general public because it has complex rhymes and there’s not a catchy melody or hook to be found. This shit has to stop because most of the material in underground Hip-Hop is 90% better than that released in mainstream/commercial Hip-Hop. I’m Underground Hip-Hop ‘til the death and with so much bullshit within the mainstream/commercial area I might just be completely done with that area for good.

There’s a lot of bullshit out there within the media and it’s almost impossible to cover it all at once. So that’s where I’ll leave off with the B.S. for this initial edition, as there’s plenty of bull out there to supply material for days. If you know of anything that you think is bullshit, drop a load (Ha!) and let me know what is it. You never know if your bullshit will become somebody else’s bullshit (damn…that’ll be a huge shit fest, but somebody’s gotta make it known). Props everybody and watch where you step…there’s bullshit everywhere.