Friday Night ‘Fro: “Martin & Soulja Boy”

Well I’m back again for this week’s version of Friday Night ‘Fro! This week I wanted to grant a request from two people, B-Easy and P-Body. Easy and P-Body wanted me to show some love to Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em’s new video, which they both love so much. You know I like giving the fans what they want, so here it goes! I also included some gems from one of my favorite comedians of all-time…Martin Lawrence. If you didn’t like Martin’s show, you were dead or you weren’t alive yet. It’s Friday, so most of you are looking at the clock waiting to start you weekend, so I won’t keep you waiting. Here goes nothing. (Note from B-Easy: You know damn well I didn’t request any Soulja Boy; I gave his album 1 Star)

Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em – “Turn My Swag On” (by request)

“I say Jerome in the house!”

“Do you remember Bob from accounting?”