The Numbers Game: T-Pain Debuts At #4

If the image here isn’t sign enough, T-Pain’s third album Thr33 Ringz debuted this week at #4 selling about 160,000 copies…160,000 copies? I guess that’s not bad for today’s market, but seeing at how much I’ve been seeing Teddy Penderazdoun lately I guess I expected more. Plus the #4 seems kinda low too (But then again, T-pain did get outsold by Taylor Swift, David Archuletta, & Now That’s What I Call Music 29). Oh yeah, does anybody care if I don’t mention Seal & Christina Aguilera? They both entered the charts this week with albums but, I mean, is that really R&B or Hip-Hop (I also don’t mention, Leona Lewis for weeks but that’s another story)? One chart debut I will mention is Jedi Mind Tricks’ A History Of Violence coming in at #169. Yeah, we didn’t review it but almost 5,000 fans went out a bought the album (Our readers didn’t seem to care though). Check back next week to see how albums by Beyonce & Ace Hood do.

#4 T-Pain/Thr33 Ringz (Last Week: NA) – 167,743; Total: NA [Debut]
#10 T.I./Paper Trail (Last Week: #7) – 62,046; Total: 1,178,455 (Platinum) [7 Weeks]
#12 John Legend/Evolver (Last Week: #6) – 49,857; Total: 255,064 [3 Weeks]
#23 Ne-Yo/Year Of The Gentleman (Last Week: #18) – 26,808; Total: 600,044 (Gold) [9 Weeks]
#26 Lil’ Wayne/Tha Carter III (Last Week: #19) – 23,134; Total: 2,671,816 (2X Platinum) [23 Weeks]
#31 Rhianna/Good Girl Gone Bad (Last Week: #21) – 21,700; Total: 1,997,800 (Platinum) [76 Weeks]
#33 Jennifer Hudson/Jennifer Hudson (Last Week: #16) – 21,600; Total: 434,600 [9 Weeks]
#42 Young Jeezy/The Recession (Last Week: #23) – 16,210; Total: 614,781 (Gold) [11 Weeks]
#47 Robin Thicke/Something Else (Last Week: #46) – 15,100; Total: 258,900 [7 Weeks]
#50 Q-Tip/The Renaissance (Last Week: #11) – 14,881; Total: 49,100 [2 Weeks]
#169 Jedi Mind Tricks/A History Of Violence (Last Week: NA) – 4,451; Total: NA [Debut]

Mike Awesome/Founder
  1. People should be ashamed of themselves for buying that dudes cd, he’s so wack it aint even funny. And when u guys gonna review Black Milk’s Tronic

  2. lol @ everybody tryna get “Tronic” reviewd….

    You think T-Pain is wack?!?!? I mean I aint testifyin to any skills he has but he isn’t wack…..

  3. I have to admit, I wouldn’t mind a “Tronic” review. I liked the album somewhat. The beats by Mr. Milk are good stuff.

  4. once again i hope u guys give me credit for strarting that “tronic’ review thingy lol jk…………….i asked u guys to review it lik every post i posted n thn wen sum1 else that i never seen onthis site before asks this vagi (jerm) responds…..o well atleast its gettin reviewed………….t-pain predicted he was gonna doo 120.000 his first week…….not a bad prediction even tho i think hell die out by the next years end forsure……….

    @ king jerm

    no he didnt go gold yet……….which is embarrasing since he has the best album of the year so far

  5. Nas album is that shit. Most of these niggas albums you gotta skip through but I can listen to that shit. “America. This is not what you think it is.” that song is crazy.

  6. @ Boricua

    Oh I’m a vagi? Whatever that is..

    Do me a favor, ride by the Empire State building, go up to the top floor, get a quarter and throw it over the sides, watch it fall, then try to jump in the same spot the quarter fell!

  7. We need dudes like Nas in the game. Untitled is my pick for Album of the Year. If gives it to Tha Carter 3 that’ll be some bullshit!

  8. T-Pain…hahaha

    Oh yea which reminds me…YA’LL BETTER BE REVIEWING THEATER OF THE MIND! cuz that shit is on FIRE!

  9. @lmao at Jerm not knowing what a Vagi was…. I still don’t lol.

    @The Nas discussion
    I don’t think “Untitled” was the years best…. I was good, really good, but the beat selection was too mellow for me.

    @The Cool
    I don’t fuck wit Halo, but I’ll beat yo ass at Call of Duty 4… VGMAN75 fuck wit me.

    Hell Yea! Put that 5Star Theatre of the Mind review out early Monday for me.

  10. @ V-G

    5 Stars for Theatre of the Mind? ARE YOU CRAZY? ITs a good album, I’m taken apart by some of Ludacris’s flow, like “Last Of A Dying Breed” that was one certified banger. (although Weezy was a bit lacking (Should’ve used roaches or even poses as rhymes) Probably a 3.75 or eeven a 4.25.

    @ Infamous F

    “Tronic” is the album that came out from Black Milk on the 2nd of November. Its a good album, go listen.

  11. Did you hear the final version of “Last Of A Dying Breed”??? 2 new Luda verses on it and Wayne was actually spittin a little somethin…. In all reality it’s like a 4.5.

  12. @ v-g and king jerm

    a “vagi” is short for vagina…….u ever seen the movie “superbad”?………………….lol but ya there you go the definition………………o ya and from what i heard from luda i can bet u $ thats it gonna get the same rating as “paper trail”……..i jus dont see them giving it anything higher than a 4 star…………we’ll see…………..but man i guees from the looks of it no1 on this site atleast seem slike theyre anticipating 808’s and heartbreak but o well hell still sell a shitload of records……

  13. That 808’s shit is not even Hip-Hop, it’s Pop-Art. So that just says it all…

    That’s pretty true, these guys give an album a rating that’s a lil’ too high, it seems like the reviews are biased. If you’re really feeling the beats and the lyrics suck, the album will get a 4 or higher, but if the lyrics are good, and the beats suck, it will get average…

    I mean can you still say Paper Trail is 4.5? No. And Recession is not 4.5 either, well imo anyway.

    Not hating or anything, but I don’t know, sometimes I think that you guys jump to a conclusion a lil’ too quick, but then again, what do I know? I don’t review albums…

  14. @ Boricua

    actually, I like the new Kanye album. I think its one of the best of the year.

    @ Infamous

    you really feel that way about us? Damn, I didn’t know that we’re biased here. But I’m on the inside looking out,

    Heavy is the head that wears the crown.

  15. holy shit u guys gave paper trail and recession a 4.5????i thought u gave it a 4 but i got marijuana memory lol but imo the only albums tht should b in tht 4.5 star category are graduation,untitled, and getback……………….i mean i like the recession i think its great but jus not the caliber of a 4.5……….thats like calling it a near classic which wuld mean its near “illmatic” which means………..well nvm u get my pion once i said illmatic lol

  16. @ V-G

    “Last Of A Dying Breed” is a certified banger. I listened to both versions (leaked and official) Weirdly, I would’ve preferred if the verse and the verse now for the first verse got combined. (Great job rhyming condolence and atonement, that set it off for me) The second verse for Luda was better for the officail verion. But, still, all things aside, its some of the best songs for the album.

    Favorites (Of the Moment) : Last Of a Dying Breed, What THem Girls Like, WIsh You Would, MVP, I Do It For Hip Hop, Everybody Hates Chris

  17. hahaha theatre of the mind iss fucking insane! every track is fiiiire lude did hid motherfuckin thing…

    Favorites: i do it for hip hop(jayz kills it), everybody hates chris, undisputed, contagious, mvp, last of a dyin breed

  18. hahaha theatre of the mind iss fucking insane! every track is fiiiire lude did hid motherfuckin thing…

    Best: i do it for hip hop(jayz kills it), everybody hates chris, undisputed, contagious, mvp, last of a dyin breed

  19. @ V-G

    ima get that shit dis weekend i have it on my school computer but i need it 4 360. i fuks wit dat to. gears pimp, thats the shit. imma holla at you when im ready to go ya smell me? catch ya on the reel home bwoy!

  20. t-pain is tha best i bought al his albums and i heard all his songz and i like them really who can do rnb and rap at tha same time really yall stop hatin…

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