Ocean’s 7 – 3000 And 9 Shit [Mixtape]


Lodi Dodi, we like to party, let me take a chance to put you onto somebody. Enter Jermaine JD Dupri as the General, Usher as The Light , Johnta Austin as J. Sinatra, Trey Songz as Songz 007eleven, Nelly as Mo Green, B.Cox as Leon Phelps The Texas Ranger, Tyrone as InTYEnational or AnTYEnational, and featuring Bow Wow as The Oceans. Now, I may have gotten some of the aliases wrong, but the album is right. Check out Global14.com and tellem’ nappyafro sent ya.

1. Intro
2. Ain’t I
3. Diddy Skit
4. Too Much Swag
5. I Need That Girl
6. Where’s The Love
7. Owe Me Sex
8. It’s Amazing
9. Day And Night
10. Vegas Is Our Town
11. Vegas Baby

Download: Ocean’s 7 – 3000 And 9 Shit [Mixtape]