50 Cent – War Angel LP [Mixtape]

War Angel LP FRONT-cover

I wasn’t gonna throw this up at first. I’m sure that the people who want it have already got it by now. Plus, at this point, I’m not really feeling 50’s new music as of late. But then I remember reading about 50 Cent saying that War Angel was “the best body of work he put out in the mixtape circuit.” Then I started thinking about his earlier mixtape stuff like No Mercy, No Fear and Automatic Gunfire. On earlier listens of War Angel, I can already say that it isn’t on par with the previous mixtapes I just mentioned, but it is the gutter version of Curtis I prefer. I still don’t know if I’m even excited about Before I Self Destruct. Download the mixtape, check out the artwork, and tell us what you think.

Download: 50 Cent – War Angel LP

50 Cent - War Angel LP FRONT

50 Cent - War Angel LP BACK