Friday Night ‘Fro: Derrick Comedy

I’m gonna change it up a little bit this week and not go with a full movie, but a set of movie shorts. It’s been a long week for you boy, so why not make it something funny. The sketch group Derrick Comedy has a sense of comedy that is bizarre, inappropriate, and awesome. You probably have seen a few of their videos on YouTube or College Humor (It’s reported that their videos have been viewed over 100 millions times online). They also have a movie coming out this fall called Mystery Team that looks hilarious and it’ll be opening in select cities soon (I’m gonna try to catch it on September 4th). Here are some of my personal favorite videos by Derrick Comedy as well as a trailer for Mystery Team. Enjoy.

“My name’s Brian. I like to skateboard.”

Girls Are Not To Be Trusted

B-Boy Stance
“No I do not regret having my hands surgically attached to my back.”

Blow Job Girl
“I’m gonna make it so dry for you.”

Do You Like Hip-Hop?
“Imma let you cop that for 50 bones.”

Jazz Man
“I just orgasmed on stage from your white hatred.”

Mystery Team Adventures: The Case of the Haunted Hotel
“That ghost has really unfinished business”

Mystery Team Trailer
Check out that beat in the background!