Friday Night ‘Fro: Kids


Kids is one of those movies that as soon as it starts, it smacks you in the head to make sure your ass is woke. When I first saw Kids, I was almost in shock for the whole viewing; it’s that kind of experience. It’s also one of my favorite films of all time. It makes you feel as if you really are getting a glimpse of the nature of present day youth in urban life (Even though Kids came out in 1995, that still holds up for today; just add the internet). Yes, it’s filled with sex, drugs, and violence. But when you see all this acted out with 13 – 16 year old teens, it’s kind of sobering.

It’s directed by Larry Clark and written by Harmony Korine (Remember when I posted up Gummo? Dudes were freaked out!). In the movie, look out for a young promiscuous Rosario Dawson, a virgin hunting Leo Fitzpatrick (From The Wire), a crazy Justin Pierce (From Next Friday), and a confused Chloë Sevigny (From another favorite show of mine, Big Love). R.I.P. Harold Hunter. R.I.P. Justin Pierce. Check out the movie and tell us what you think. Note: The first time I went to New York and rode the subway, I secretly hoped the I saw dude on the train singing, “I have no legs”. Sad right?