FROCAST: Episode 1 (Premier Edition)


For a while now, we’ve been kicking around the idea of doing a podcast and how to do it. We’ve done research and all of this stuff, but at the end of the day, the first one has to be done. So, I jumped in. My boys Easy and Jerm are busy doing all the stuff us slackers aren’t so I took it upon myself to go for it.

As far as theme, eh, it’s music. I tried to give you a mix of stuff you haven’t heard, some stuff you may have heard, some new, some old, but all enjoyable. Now, its the first attempt so there are some issues. The file is HUGE, the intro part sounds crazy…not in a good way, but I couldn’t fix it. After “x” amount of takes, it just wasn’t happening. I got much better luck with the conclusion, but hey, it’s a beginning. As we get better and do more, it will get better and be more.

Anyway, enjoy it, hit up the form post about it, and offer up suggestions for the next one or talk about this one. It enjoyed doing it and hopefully you all appreciate the effort. (Update: Added tracklist)


“Intro” – Saule Wright
“Grown Simba” – J. Cole
“Elephant Rome” – Cyne
“Strange Fruit” – Danny Swain
“Closer” – Drake
“Lock Shit Down” – Chali 2na feat. Talib Kweli
“Show Stealers” – Tef Poe
“Real Smoov” – Children Of The Night
“Granny Smith” – Random feat. Niz
“Long Days” – Somobe feat. Shadow Pilot
“Arrival And Departure” – Finale feat. Awesome Dre
“Graff Time” – Chali 2na
“Whatever You Want” – John Sportin
“Mash” – Strange Fruit Project feat. Big Pooh and Kay
“Pit Stop” – Cunninglinguists
“Culture Cut” – Bahamadia
“Check” – Murphy Lee
“One For the Road” – Cee-Lo
“The Getaway” – Little Brother
“Official” – Pharoae Monche
“See It In Your Eyes” – Rah DIgga feat. Fabolous
“Coldhearted” – Blu & Exile
“Plan B – Tanya Morgan
“How Can It Be” – Reks
“Outro” – Saule Wright

Listen Below:

Download: Frocast: Premier Edition