Joe Budden – “Keep On” x “R.I.P.” x “Money’s On Me”

Remember during last year’s BET Hip Hop Awards? Cypher #1? When Joe Budden said; “You past you prime/I ain’t spit ether yet/You need a major/I just need a Ethernet”? He wasn’t joking. Recently, he has hooked up with producer J. Cardim and has started dropping quality material. I missed posting the first two, so here’s the 3rd courtesy of Budden’s Twitter (I also included the previous ones anyway).

Joey also get points for being one of the first rappers to mention “Pants On The Ground” on a track. Shout out to General Larry Platt!

Download: Joe Budden – “Keep On”
Bonus: Joe Budden – “R.I.P.”
Bonus: Joe Budden – “Money’s On Me”