Still Standing (3 Years & Counting…)

Nah, this isn’t about Goodie Mob’s second album, this is about nappyafro. I don’t know if you know this, but today is our birthday…3 years. Three years of giving you niggas reviews, columns, movies, music, and insight. We have had our ups and downs, but one thing has remained constant…nappyafro. This past year on nappyafro has been the toughest on us because we don’t know if we are doing this for nothing. Do niggas even care? That’s the point we’re at. We are so close to being invited to the big table in the lunchroom, but we alright over here with the “nerds”. Screw all that, all that will come. I want to thank every staff member. Ya’ll dudes are the GREATEST! H2O (my godson) My dude got accepted to Temple. The Fro will be coming to Philly! SBK (Mr. Clutch) You always come through…always. Arkitekt (the Noob) you are the missing piece to the puzzle. Welcome to the squad! Saule Wright (Hip-Hop’s Reuben Studdard) You MADE..what can I say? Last but not least, B-Easy. This is the man that keep everything going. How can I forget about the readers? Gizzle, Inf, DJ LP, SBA, Chew, Boricua, Spyzyda, Big T, man I know I am forgetting people, but you know we appreciate ALL ya’ll. If it wasn’t for ya’ll there wouldn’t be any need for us. THANK YOU.