DMF of the Week: Kat Stacks

Let me go on record by saying I DIDN’T WANT TO GIVE THIS BITCH ANY SHINE, but the “Boss” (B-Easy) wanted me to do it. When Blood started the DMF, it was made for people like this. First off, you fucked ALL these rappers and YOU are airing THEM out? Really? You are a GROUPIE, you are supposed to have sex with these niggas! Let me get my calculator, out of all these niggas you fucked…you only came off with $1200? YOU LOSS! The only reason why you are getting this attention is because there ain’t nothing else going on in Hip-Hop. NOTHING. I blame Superhead for all this…giving groupies the platform to speak. How these “hoes” become famous baffles me. Congratulations Kat Stacks…you are the newest member to the DMF Hall of Fame!

I just hope that she isn’t a dude…that would mess the game up!