Young Jeezy – 1000 Grams Vol. 1 [Mixtape]

Unlike Trap Or Die II (Released earlier this year), the entire 1000 Grams mixtape consists of Jeezy rhyming over other people tracks. But of course the song titles are given the Jizzle treatment. For example, Kanye’s “Power” = “Powder”, Soulja Boy’s “Pretty Boy Swag” = “Dope Boy Swag”, and even Young Money’s “Roger That” = “Whippin’ All Of Dat”.

The main attraction here though is “Death Before Dishonor” where Young Jeezy spits over Rick Ross’ “B.M.F. (Blowin’ Money Fast)”. Even though Jeezy denies it a diss track toward Ross , it’s kinda hard to argue with lines like “How you blowin’ money fast, you don’t know the crew?”.

1. Intro
2. Death B4 Dishonor
3. Choppa N Da Paint
4. Dope Boy Swag
5. In Da Wall
6. Powder
7. Whippin’ All Of Dat
8. Spray Somethin’
9. Yayo
10. Drug Dealin’ Muzik
11. Popular Demand
12. Porsche Music

Download: DJ Scream & Young Jeezy – 1000 Grams [Mixtape]