Song of the Week: Jay-Z feat. Freeway, Memphis Bleek, & Young Gunz – “I Get High Freestyle”

As discussions on the intensity and quality of diss records continue, lets talk about an actual good and underrated diss track: Jay-Z & Roc-a-fella’s diss towards Jaz-O over Styles P’s “Good Times” instrumental.

This diss track is akin to a lyrical ambush; Hova lays down a few bars before calling in the wolves with Freeway, Young Gunz, and Memphis Bleek. It was anything but a fair fight.

Additional thoughts:

Freeway’s opening line, “You like the beer Kane dropped in Menace, 40 and broke,” stands as one of the greatest lines in a diss song.

Following Jay-Z’s dismissive bars, Freeway delivers a ruthless performance, and Young Gunz adds insult to injury, paving the way for Hova to talk smack and introduce Memphis Bleek for the final blow. As stated, this was no fair fight.

Each verse in this diss track is arguably too good for what could be considered a throwaway diss song.

The old nigga disses were at an all-time high here.

I’m pretty sure that this song was a response to Jaz-O’s “Ova,” a diss directed at Jay-Z, stemming from a disagreement over Jay-Z’s alleged lack of support for Jaz-O’s career, considering Jaz-O’s role in kickstarting Jay-Z’s own career.

Jaz-O dropped a “Ova 2” as a response to “I Get High Freestyle,” something that I didn’t know about until I started writing this post. It was okay.

I saw on Reddit that Jaz-O signed to Roc Nation about 5 years ago, I don’t believe that but just thought I’d mentioned it.

Check out the Song of the Week below: