Kanye West – “Power” [Video]

From director Marco Brambilla (the guy that brought us Demolition Man. No joke.) comes the new video for Kanye’s “Power”

I won’t describe the whole thing, I know you’ll probably watch it before even reading this, so I’ll just comment.

Right as the 2 swordsmen are coming down for the kill shot on Kanye!!!!!…..it ends? yeah, it ends before it even hits the 2 minute mark. It left me with….blue eyeballs or something (pause?)

On one hand, its AMAZING, just LOOK at it! But on the other hand, its BULLSHIT! I will say that Kanye DID tell us “It’s not a video .. It’s a moving Painting!!!”. So maybe thats just Mr.West, being Hip-Hop’s Andy Kaufman, messing with the norm again.

If thats the case, good job ‘Ye”

Download: Kanye West feat. Dwele – “Power”

Update: Added the Uncensored Version