Black Cobain feat. Wale & Tre – “Will Farrell (Semi Pro)”

Other than his features with Wale and a few songs, I really don’t know much about Northern Virginia Black Cobain (Besides having a crazy name). I do know that I’ve been listening to this song ever since it came out a few days ago. If you liked “Pretty Girls”, this could be looked at as the unofficial sequel. This is off Cobain’s NOW mixtape under the name “Will Farrell” (Both links are provided below).

1. Pin Drop (feat. Young Chris)
2. It’s Cobizzy
3. Juicy Fruit
4. Air Force (feat. Fat Trel)
5. Perception
6. Afraid
7. Tune In
8. Administration (feat. Tiara Thomas)
9. Closer
10. Bottles On Me
11. Will Farrell (feat. Tre & wale)
12. South beach
13. Sincerely Yours
14. The Board
15. Mary Jane
16. Lust (feat. J. Holiday)
17. Now

Download: Black Cobain feat. Wale & Tre – “Semi Pro”
Download: Black Cobain – NOW [Mixtape]

Sidenote: This track uses the same sample as Andre 3000’s “I Do”. Anybody knows the name of the sample?