Fabolous – There Is No Competition 2: The Grieving Music EP [Review]

It seems like Fabolous has been in a conceptual mood lately. Last year he released the Carlito’s Way themed album Loso’s Way and then earlier this year Fab unleashed There Is No Competition 2: The Funeral Service complete with a death motif. The DJ Drama hosted Funeral Service mixtape was so well received by the streets internets, the suits up at Def Jam decided to give it the So Far Gone treatment (Translation: Repackage it in EP form for profit). This move actually makes sense Fabolous went on to promote the mixtape like it was an actual album anyway (Six songs off The Funeral Service have already received music video treatments). And even though the tracklist has been trimmed from 20 to 10, the EP does include three new songs and a remix. Does There Is No Competition 2: The Grieving Music EP still bring death to competitors? Is it worth your $7.99 when a “No DJ Version” of the mixtape is out for free? What’s up with Fabolous’ left hand on the cover? Let find the answers to most of these questions…

1. The Eulogy (Intro)
Featuring DJ Drama
Drama talks gives a eulogy to wack MC’s and does so for over a minute. It’s nice that Fab gave him the look but even though it fits the theme, this intro is kinda lazy.

2. The Wake
Produced by I.N.F.O.
With no hook in sight, here Fabolous shows why he is still greatly underrated. Over hard drums he shows why he buries the competition:

“My shorty tellin me, ‘Kill the competition boo’/And I be tellin her there is no competition to/There Is No Competition 2/It’s good to wake up look in the mirror and the only competition is you/And even that nigga ain’t seein’ me/My reflection have a hard time bein me”

My other favorite line is at the beginning: “I am logged on to fuck niggas dot com/And I am everything these fuck niggas not Dram”. The reason I point this out is because if that name was available when I was registering nappyafro.com…

3. I’m Raw
Produced by Amadeus
This track may remind you of “The Wake” mainly because it’s one long verse again instead of the usual chorus format. Yea, this track may sound like a mixtape material but it’s still a good song (Even with the odd Super Mario coin sound). Fab continues the burial…

“Bitch I’m raw/So hearing that any nigga out cook me/Is suspect as R. Kelly with girl scout cookies/When you talking to a pro watch ya mouth rookie/Go in ya shit have ya teeth playin’ mouth hookie”

4. Body Ya
Produced by Sonaro
Even though this is the first song on the EP that has orthodox arrangement, it’s an average song. It does have it’s high points: “Big up to you bum bitches and ya $10 dresses/Big up to the big girls y’all are so precious”. But the Michael Jackson like yelling in the background may get annoying to some.

5. Body Count
Produced by Sonaro
This is the first song on the EP not on the Funeral Service mixtape. It definitely fits in with the theme of the album. I probably would have sequenced it away from being sandwiched in between two other song that have “body” in the title. Over evil production Fab continues the killing spree:

“And if I go, make sure the family gets the cash/And at the funeral it’s only one wish I ask/Give the haters a chance to see me cause this they last/Turn me over one by one, let ’em kiss my ass”

6. Body Bag (remix)
Featuring Cam’ron & Vado; Produced by I.N.F.O.
I would have bet money that araabMUZIK produced this track; I.N.F.O. does a great impersonating. I guess that’s the problem I have with this track, it’s sounds too much like a Cam or Vado track. It’s not bad but nothing special.

7. You Be Killin’ ‘Em
Produced by Ryan Leslie
Ryan Leslie lends his keyboard heavy production here to good results. The classic breakbeat make this one to check out. You also gotta give to Fab; dude can make a song for the ladies even on a funeral theme EP. It was hard to forgive him for that “Shoe-icide” line though.

8. Tonight
Featuring Red Cafe & Lore’l; Produced by Jahlil Beats
I know this track is doing good in some of the clubs, but to me it comes of monotonous (Especially with that boring hook). I guess they needed this kinda track on the project, but I’ll pass on this one.

9. Lights Out
Produced by Lex Luger
Funeral Fab hooks up with Waka Flocka’s favorite producer here. Fab sounds great with Lex Luger drums but this track reminds me of one off the first There Is No Competition called “I Don’t See Nobody”. It’s basically the same song actually. The one on this album does make good use of the Jay-Z “Jigga My Nigga” sample.

10. Closing Prayer (Outro)
Featuring DJ Drama
More talking from Drama.

Bottom Line:
Even though Fabolous did it once already with the mixtape, the concept behind this EP is still clever with almost all of the songs fitting and staying with the subject. Loso also shows why he still one lyricist not to overlook in the game. So is There Is No Competition 2: The Grieving Music EP worth your dollars? It depends. If you was caught the original mixtape and then downloaded the version without DJ Drama on it, probably not. Besides, if you wanna support Fab you can always grab the four new tracks off iTunes. Still, this EP is worth a listen and will hold Fabolus fan over until Loso’s Way 2 drops. Now, let us pray for the competition.

nappyPicks: “The Wake”, “I’m Raw”, “You Be Killin’ ‘Em”, “Lights Out”

Download: Fabolous – “Body Count”
Download: Fabolous feat. Cam’ron & Vado – “Body Bag (remix)”
Download: Fabolous – “You Be Killin’ ‘Em”
Download: Fabolous – “Lights Out”