Cam’ron & Jim Jones – “Toast”

You knew it was only a matter of time before Kanye felt the wrath of Cam’ron and Jimmy. It might not be as personal as it is business. When the Jay-Z broke up the Roc, it was like a divorce battle over who was getting the kids. Kanye, being put in a BAD situation, chose Jay over Dame. We all know that Dame was responsible for Kanye being on the Roc. We all know that Jay didn’t want Kanye as an artist, so him staying with Jay rubbed Cam and Jim the wrong way. Now that I have you caught up, let’s talk about the song. Only thing that stood out was Cam calling Kanye gay (like we haven’t heard that one before)

“…Dipset yeah you know who’s scorching this/All of these kids should open a damn orphanage…Kanye, you a sucka nigga/Dissed Dame so my attitude is fuck the nigga/Sucked (off) Jigga/How you gonna live with that?/Took your beat, now come get it back…”

I was really expecting FLAME off of this, but just hearing Cam & Jimmy on a track together is music to my ears. Now that Yeezy is an A-Lister, I’m sure you can expect some sort of reply. Unless he is a scary cat like your boy Drake.

Download: Cam’ron & Jim Jones – “Toast”

Source: Miss Info