Y’all Don’t Even Know The Half Of It…

When the site went down we wasn’t going to do this anymore. We were thinking about walking away like Ricky Williams and leave all of this behind,  Foreign Exchange.  We had been doing this for THREE years and it felt like nobody cared. We have some good writers on staff, ORIGINAL CONTENT, and some ILL ass graphic work done by B-EASY that I would put up against ANYBODY! But still….that ain’t enough to get us noticed. (I know someone is noticing…I’m seeing the big boys Zuckerberg us.)

I can talk about that forever…but I need to move on…back to the story.

We decided that this was becoming a hassle in our lives. I’m married with kids and sometime when Weezy drops a song, and I might be coaching my son’s team and I can’t make the post. So guess who had to do it…B-Easy. I don’t know if you guys know this but, B-Easy does about 98% of the posting and 100% of the graphic stuff. That means that he has the burden of posting stuff. Not that he minds it, but when you are doing something so time consuming and there is no reward…it can become a chore.

So there we were. Sending emails to the crew letting them know that it was over. That’s when we realized that people really did care. We had people step up and donate money to get us back up and running. Verbose, SBK, Seraphinus. That was some real shit. MUCH LOVE. We realized that we have our own community right here that STAY DOWN with the Fro!

So we decided to keep going. We were going to finish what we started. We owed it to y’all. If it wasn’t VG I wouldn’t have gotten to chill with J. Cole. If it wasn’t for DJLP talking trash to me the comment section would be wack. Or Chip, H2O, and B-Easy being the Jay-Z STANS and watching them defend their 50 year old hero. Or maybe Saule thinking he was the most underground cat on the site…he looked down and seen that Arkitekt was even deeper! The forums have gotten better thanks to Verbose, Raza, Calvin, I’mRickJamesBitch, DuB,  Cota, Mimobeatz, P-Body, P fromtha D (he challenged B-Easy to a battle!) and my guy Spyda. I have seen the guy grow up in the years. It’s amazing. I could go on about everyone but I don’t want to forget anyone. Shit like this makes my online experience worthwhile.

“What’s the point of this King Jerm?” I know that is what you’re asking. Me and B-Easy were talking about football when he was like:

“…damn…it been FOUR years!”

I said “four years of what?”

He said “THE WEBSITE!”

So there you have it…FOUR years of bringing you guys our version of Hip-Hop. We don’t pull any punches. We the REALEST site out there!

Happy Birthday to us BITCHES!