Brotha Lynch Hung – Coathanga Strangla [Review]

Last year brotha Brotha Lynch Hung fans were treated with Dinner And A Movie, the first in a three part trilogy of the Coathanga Strangla concept trilogy. It was my favorite album of the year but Lynch don’t put out a lot of music in between albums (Only thing was the Silent Supper mixtape). In my wait for the Coathanga Strangla, I found a new group that The ‘Fro put on to me, Odd Future, and to say the least I was amazed. Tyler and Earl put out some crazy shit, and my initial reaction was damn they crazier then Lynch! To see these young dudes (One being one year older then me and one being two years younger) making that kinda music was shocking to say the least. But me being a Lynch fan I knew this next album would prove he is the King of Sicc, and I was right. So with no further interuptions, let’s get into the Coathanga Strangla.

Working Late (Intro)
Featuring Lauren Brinson & Tabitha McGlothin; Produced by Jemal “Phonk Beta” Boyd
This is the intro track, for those who don’t know the album is made to be like a movie. Lynch is a director, and even has his girl’s dad (Who I think is a cop in Colorado) to help him with all the details. It begins with The Therapist from Dinner And A Movie talking on the phone, after a bit of dialogue she finds a woman who has been attacked and almost eaten. It then goes to Lynch talking with an accomplice (COS) as the beat for the next song rolls in. Lets get started.

The Coathanga
Featuring COS; Produced by Michael “Seven” Summers
This beat is raw and Lynch returns with a vengeance! Cannabilism and tons of killing litter this track, also with refrences to being necropheliac eating dead people. This track just perfectly shows Lynch at his best, the chorus being dope as hell (“Comin’ with the chainsaw/Leave your brains drawn, somebody just got cut”) which shows how raw this dude is. The end of the song has Lynch going to COS house to talk with him. The story progresses…

Featuring Crookwood & COS; Produced by Michael “Seven” Summers
Lynch got a sick flow on this one, cold as all hell, just as the lyrics. He continues to show how raw he absolutely can be, this album would probably make most people ill to the stomach. Tons of gore on this one, and the way he spits these lyrics make you think he actualy has done this, but this is just Lynch’s magic he works on the mic. Tons of quotables here, all I can say is this is an early favorite. As most of the tracks it ends with a skit. That aspect reminds me of Wu-Tang.

Look What I Did (Skit)
Featuring Devious; Produced by J. “Mr. Blap” Cotton
This is another skit, where Lynch shows Devious a dead body like, “LOOK WHAT I DID!”. He kinda plays it off as he just wants to show it off but then as previously in DAAM, but actually just wants help getting rid of it. Can’t blame him I guess.

Look It’s A Dead Body
Produced by Dustin “DJ Epik” Worswick
This track starts with a sample exclaiming what else but, look it’s a dead body! This is classic Lynch (You should know what that means by know). Lots of violence and eating people. I dig the track but its not a huge standout. I love the refrence to not signing to Shady Aftermath. Apparently he is pissed, and if your wondering why, its cuz Eminem is in his top 5 rappers (A song with them both would be dope! Also Em was supposed to be on Tech N9ne’s track “Welcome To My World” featuring Lynch, but Proof died around that time so he was replaced with Dilemma) but he also states that he is with the snake and the bat now. That’s being Strange Music (Tech N9Ne’s label), where he is supposed to be. At least he likes being there.

Sooner Or Later
Featuring Mr. Blap; Produced by Michael “Seven” Summers
This songs starts with some nice vocals by Mr. Blap. Talk of voices in his head and talk of making it look like a suicide. This is a song about relationships. Yup Lynch does songs for the Sicc ladies out there. He is worried about her breaking up with him and he is going insane hearing voices telling him to kill her. Lynch does have feelings! Believe me, this is a songs trying to swoon the ladies. Think “I’m a psycho and I love this lady, but I’m crazy and might kill her or myself”. Still good stuff right here; standout definitly. At the end, he asks for a cig, cuz he wants to kill himself.

Fucc Off Again (Skit)
Produced by Ben Cybulsky & Mike Baiardi
Dave here just like the first in the trilogy, calls up Lynch and basically calls him a crazy dude who eats people and writes about it. Who the fuck is Dave?

Suicide Watch
Featuring Devious, Lauren Brinson, First Degree The DE, & Don Rob; Produced by Michael “Seven” Summers
Brother Lynch Hung and his posse talk about what else? Suicide! I must say Lynch always impresses with the lyrics. I never get tired hearing of his crazy stories, kinda like Raekwon with his crack tales. The chorus basically says suicide watch again and again and again, but it works for the track, the beat fits too. A lot of piano in this album. The crew also does there thing but its hard to outshine Lynch. The Thearapist (being Lauren Brinson) makes a short appearance. First Degree is part of the story and plays a sargent in the police department. His voice is great for voice overs. He should do that shit more, if you ever heard him rap his flow is odd as hell.

Spit It Out
Featuring COS; Produced by Michael “Seven” Summers
The beginning of this skit sounds kinda funny with a child like voice saying you’re a bad man! Its more of a song then a skit. Lynch speaks on suicide again and thinks about his son. Also when he dies he wants to be burnt and smoked. Intresting. The lyrics is pretty good and the chorus goes “If anything don’t taste right spit it out” and I couldn’t agree more. Ever try deviled eggs? Shits gross..

Red Dead Bodies
Featuring G-Macc; Produced by Michael “Seven” Summers
This track begins with some more of the Coathangers’ gritty death rhymes occumpanied by a quicker flow. The break sounds scary as hell, babies crying, gun sounds, and a haunting guitar. G-macc does his thing; his flow is akward but dope but as usual Lynch steals the show. Overall a great track; Lynch shouts at babies to stop crying at the end. It fits, trust me.

Blinded By Desire
Featuring Lauren Brinson; Produced by Michael “Seven” Summers
The beat is dope on this one. Lynch speaks on paranoia and being on the road. Of course it wouldn’t be a Lynch track without blood and guts. He also says 324 miles is sold out; he runs the west coast (King of Sac-town up in this shit). The track ends with Lauren Brinson saying there’s smoke in her office so give her a lighter. Fuckin’ why?

Friday Night
Featuring COS; Produced by Michael “Seven” Summers
If you didn’t know by now, COS and Lynch are tight. In my opinion, he is alright but no Lynch. They talk about their Friday night, which seems like all they did was kill the fuck out of everybody. Guess he never heard of watching some TV or playing PS3. It’s a alright track, not a skip, just alright.

The Visit (Skit)
Featuring Lauren Brinson & Don Rob; Produced by J. Cotton, Robert Rebeck, & Kevin Mann
Lynch and his lady just chillin and kickin’ it (This couldn’t be his Friday night?). Then..the cops show up! They say they couldn’t get a hold of him, and asks if he has weapons then leaves. Fuckin’ cops.

Featuring Tech N9ne; Produced by Justin “Axis” Patton
This song is dope as hell! This beat sounds like a fucked up nursery rhyme. Lynch totally does his thing on this one. As you can tell this song is all about them spotting you in your house, and your pretty much fucked beyond your wildest dreams. Tech N9ne is a perfect match for Lynch; he always impresses me. Tech comes with his flip flop flow where he switches it up between fast and slow. He is almost whispering which adds a scary vibe. Great track!

I’m Not Perfect
Featuring G-Macc, COS ,& Crookwood; Produced by Dustin Worswick
This song is about lyrical badassery. The chorus goes like “I’m not perfect, but I know, analyze the lyrics, he so cold, know I had to gat ya, nigga we atcha” and everybody on this track does there thing, Good song right here. The beat is great for these dudes; nothin’ less then creepy. G-Macc and Lynch shine here.

I Don’t Think My Momma Ever Loved Me
Featuring Mr. Blap & Irv Da Phenom; Produced by Michael “Seven” Summers
This kinda song really shows Lynch in a different light, when he says “My mom never loved me, probley never hugged me, runnin’ up and tackled me like rugby” I belive him. Lynch was a abandoned child who grew up loving horror flicks and Spider-Man. (I  also grew up loving Spider-Man too. See how this shit works? Whats the chances my favorite rapper also loves Spider-Man!) The singing on this track is amazing. Mr. Blap and Irv do there thing. Mr. Blap is my new favorite singer; he works great with this gritty shit.

Eating Fingers (Skit)
Featuring Marcell Sanders and Brandon Wade and Alex Glass and Brya Akadersen; Produced by J. Cotton
Intresting skit here. Just about of these guys talking about eating fingers and such. Apparently Lynch needs to get over there. The fuck?

Therapy Session
Featuring Bleezo, Big No Love, Sav Sicc, & Skitso; Produced by Jemal “Phonk Beta” Boyd
Damn, this song is so dope. I can’t even fuckin’ explain this shit. Listen to it now. It begins with a crazy ass scream and then a quick ass beat followed with Lynch spittin’ with a quick flow. Everyone did their thing.

It Happens
Featuring First Degree The DE & Tall Cann; Produced by Michael “Seven” Summers
You actually hear The DE rap this time and he still has that odd ass flow. This song is average. Nothing I’d play everyday but certainly not bad. So far probably my least favorite beat on the album to. Lynch does good but he has so many better tracks on the album. So it’s not horrible but just outshone by everything else. Also the chorus is lackluster.

Takin’ Online Orders
Featuring Tech N9ne; Produced by Michael “Seven” Summers
WOW. This track is a banger. Lynch spits some of his best shit here. He totally rips this track a new asshole..then Tech shows up..and MURDERS LIFE. His flow completely obliterated this track! I shit my pants. Best frack hands fuckin down. I don’t know what the fuck the title of this song means but its so dope I don’t care. At the end Lynch kills the witnesses, well guess I’m dead…

Featuring Lauren Brinson; Produced by Jemal “Phonk Beta” Boyd
…But I stay alive long enough to catch Lynch calling Tech to tell him how he fucked up. Interesting. Now he calls Trav and he don’t answer either. Bad rotten luck it seems. Strangeee Music! That’s how all their albums end by the way.

Bottom Line:
This shit is dope, like seriously just when I thought the new crazies in town (Odd Future) almost got the new looney bin title, LYNCH HELD IT DOWN. This is what the West Coast needs. There were some minor slip ups, especially being a huge album with 21 songs, but the lyrics and the production just set it off. Strangley enough even the not so good tracks add to the album. This is definitly better then Dinner And A Movie. It just blew the lid off what Lynch could do, this reminds me of the Season Of Da Siccness album. You hear this and understand that this is gritty as hell. Brotha Lynch Hung shows these new cats how its done. I must say the story and skits were done better in Dinner And A Movie, and to be honest they were one of my favorite aspects. While certainly the skits Coathanga Strangla don’t bring down the album, I wish the story was told better. The first installment had gun fights and shit, but honestly im not complaining. This shit is boss.

Update: Upon further listening, I changed the rating from a 4.5 to a 3. The album got a tad boring with further listens, and I totally blame myself for being too hyped up to hear some new Lynch and giving this a too high of a score.