Dreama – A Dreama’s Reality [Mixtape]


It’s time for another edition of Fro’FM, where we open up the inbox to the people. It’s important that y’all understand what’s going on here, in case you didn’t catch it the first go ’round. We get tons…and I mean TONS of emails from label heads, artists and even fans about music out there. Now, none of us are DJ’s nor do we have a radio station, so while some of these may even be exclusives, how can we share them? That’s where this post comes in. We review albums on the site, and sometimes we talk about singles, but we can’t review 100 singles a day that’s for damn sure. So we do this post to let you know what’s coming in, good, bad or ugly. We want your feedback, because at the end of the day, if nobody is hearing it or commenting, they’ll just stop sending us stuff. That said, let’s give it to the Fro’nation one mo time.

This weeks drop is from the UK. Shout out to Raza and our other Fro’nation fam across the pond. The emcees’ name is Dreama…and she’s a female. Y’all know Saule loves ladies. This one didn’t sit in the inbox long, I went ahead and downloaded her free mixtape A Dreama’s Reality. What do I think? I actually like it. It’s a mixtape so you get some familiar beats and her London flow over them. She has a good feel for delivery and straight forward lyrics. I really like the title track and video (below), “Just Sayin'”, “Tainted”, and “I Do Dat” where she handles one of your favorite tracks (think J.Cole). Enough about what I think, I wanna know what YOU think about it, and I’m sure she does too. So download this joint and drop the comments below.

If you want to know more about Dreama, you can reach her at all your favorite social sites by going to her website: http://dreamasreality.com/

Dreama – “A Dreama’s Reality



Download the mixtape – A Dreama’s Reality (click the pic to go to her bandcamp page)












1. A Dreama’s Reality (Intro)
2. On the Menu
3. Chinese Whisper
4. Just Sayin’
5. Tainted
6. You Had Me at Hello
7. What Do We Know
8. I Do Dat
9. Somethin’ Yesterday
10. How I Do
11. Signed H.H.
12. Money Thoughts
13. Dream Reader

For those of you that hate to sign p on bandcamp – Datpiff